Lost and Found

I just love weekends where we don't have any plans, especially when we don't have plans that cause us to leave Ryder behind :(  and we just hang out and do whatever we want to do.  We had one of those last weekend.  Friday night WWE came to Jackson and Teddy was going to be on the show, so we went out to support him at their tailgate. 

Ryder wasn't real sure about Teddy at first...  It was like handing him over to Santa Claus!!

But he really seemed to enjoy the band.

He got real excited while dancing and lost his step just a bit.

Then on Saturday we went to the Children's Museum for the first time.  Everything was going great, until we lost Ryder.  Yes, we lost him for over five minutes.  Five minutes is not very long, say... when you're getting a pedicure, watching tv, shopping, eating, and so on.  But when your child could be among the thousands of others there and on any of the 3 floors of the museum, five minutes is an ETERNITY!  We were running frantically all over the place, John Michael finally found him on the stairs going down to the second floor, we were on the third when we lost him.  UGHHH!!!!!

The beginning of our journey

Workin' hard 

Picking up a few items from the farmer's market 

If you go to the children's museum, spelling out your name is just a must.

I would've loved this area, except this is right before we lost him.
He went running from this spot.

After we found him, we milked some cows... 
(if you haven't been, yes liquid comes out and drips into the bucket)

 We went fishin'...

And we tried to get on TV, but Ryder thought that was for the birds.

If you read this blog, you know that Ryder wants to be John Michael.  What JM does, Ryder does.  JM had his feet propped up on the coffee table.  Didn't take Ryder two seconds to figure this one out.

My personal scheme-king.  Ryder "plays" with JM's wallet alot.  JM often wonders where Ryder "walks off with his money...?"  I have no idea?

And today is GAMEDAY.  And we won our first game.  Yes!
Ryder's sweet teacher took these at school for me today.

Ryder and Celie

Getting ready to head out the door this morning.  Ryder actually asked me to take his picture, trust me, I'll take it!

Ryder has never been attached to anything, not a paci, blanket, animal, I mean anything.  But over the past few weeks he's been attached to what he calls "boooo-dawg"  As soon as he wakes up and we go in there to get him he'll say, "Where my booo-dawg?"

This afternoon we had a work event welcoming MC students to town.  Ryder came to keep me company and guess who he ran into!  His same friend from school!  We love our little town.

Ryder scored a goody bag while he was there.

And he tested out the pull up bar at the Crossfit Clinton booth.

He also came into contact with a melted chocolate chip cookie.


So...........   The other morning Ryder woke up and we heard him on the monitor talking about mud.  He kept saying, "I got some mud on my fingers, mud on my fingers, mud in my bed, etc."  Well that could only mean one thing.  And sure enough, he had dug down in his diaper and gotten some "mud" out. 


  1. Yes, 5 minutes is a looong time! I would panic too! Loving the "mud" incident. Got to love little boys, ha! All the pictures are so cute.

  2. oh my gosh. i am sitting her laughing out loud about the mud!! i know that's not really funny but ahhhh, he's so cute!