The Past Couple Weeks

WARNING:  Photo Overload

So much has happened since I last blogged.  Nothing big, just lots of events.  We've had father's day, a wedding, our anniversary, my trip to GA, and 4th of July festivities.

This picture is so cute to me.

Mrs. Lisa had a suprise 50th birthday party and Ryder wanted to help blow out her candles.  I've never seen him eat so much cake.  Literally thought he was going to blow chunks all in his bed.  He did not.

The next day was Father's Day.  We had lunch at Lula's.

Ryder showing us the trees and the sky.

Father's Day dinner at my dad's. 
He got Ryder some fingerpaint, he loved it.

 And an apron to keep clean.

Ryder and Papa

Our dad with his girls.

John Michael and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary on June 23.  We had a great dinner at one of our favorite spots, Amerigo.

Killing time while we were waiting for our babysitter Kayla.
He got busted in the closet and didn't know we saw him.

I think he was afraid to move for fear of getting caught... or tipping over.

He loves those boots, always saying "I got muh boots on" or "I want muh boots on"

Then, the next night we headed to Oxford because John Michael's cousin Brooke was getting married. Unfortunately, we could only go to the rehearsal dinner because I was leaving early Sunday morning for Athens.

JM was sweet and gave a speech.

Then we had a family outing to the infamous Library.

Early Sunday morning I boarded a plane and spent a week in Athens, GA completing my IOM.  After one week each summer at UGA over the past four years, I've been working toward this goal.  And I am now certified in Organization Management in the Chamber world.  I must say I am glad to be done.  It's not easy leaving for a week, and I know it wasn't easy on JM keeping Ryder by himself.

Receiving my certification.

The three of us from Mississippi, DeAnna, Scott and myself.

My whole class, I've been with them for four summers!

As soon as I got back home on July 1, the Fourth of July festivities began.  Each day was packed.  Friday night our friends Melanie and Steven came over with Gaines.  He and Ryder had a big time.

They started to get a little crazy.

We calmed them down with milk.

 And put them in the tub.

On the way to bed, Ryder re-discovered his pillow pet cow that Nanni got him for Christmas and refused to go to bed without it.  I had to remember to check on him once he was asleep so I could remove the cow from his crib.   

Good thing I did.

Note: Do you see his foot going through the bars? When I went in his room at 9:00 - yes, 9:00 the next morning since he still hadn't woken up, his foot had not moved. Needless to say he needs to have friends over more often...

Saturday night we went to Clinton's annual fireworks.

Ryder and his canteloupe.  He could win a canteloupe eating contest.  Every time he sits down to eat he asks for his "cayope"

He also had his first sip of coke.  It was like he was addicted.  Everytime he took a sip and pulled away from the straw, he hurried in to get another sip. 

Sunday we went to West Point to meet baby Rip, the newest addition to the Ketchum's.  We did a little swimming while we were there.  I've said it before, Ryder is not scared of the water.  JM was in the pool on the shallow side and set Ryder up on the edge to jump in to him.  Ryder took off to the other side of the pool, climbed up on the diving board and started running.  Thank God he stopped before he jumped in and I had time to run over there.  He has no fear.  Here is Will throwing Ryder off the diving board.

Sweet Reese sharing her raft and giving Ryder kisses.

Later that day we drove over to Starkville for Walker's 4th birthday party.  But on the way there we had some time to kill and stopped by to check out the new Grill. 

Walker and Courtney at his party at the Starkville Country Club.

Walker and Poppy

Ryder and CC.  You can see she's got his outfit in her hand.  Before we knew it he had already jumped right in wearing his clothes.

That boy loves some cake.

And finally on Monday, the actual 4th, we had a little family get together at my aunt's house.

And if it's even possible, we did even more swimming.  It has been like torture to Ryder to put his green float on (he calls it his frog). I looked over and he had practically put it on himself, all but snapped it in the back. He was loving this small part of the pool. Jumping in and swimming back and forth all by himself.

Ryder and his sweet cousins, Hayes and Ava.

After we got home, JM got ready for a run.  Ryder said "where my hat?"

And this wild and crazy weekend of ours ended tonight with Ryder conking out on his beloved cow.

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