Ryder's halfway to 22 months now and we hit a major milestone the other night.

Milestone:  I was running Ryder's bath water and he said tee tee.  He always just says random stuff so I dismissed it.  I took his diaper off and then he walked over to his potty, sat down, and in a matter of seconds, his eyes were as big as saucers.  Then I heard the music.  He went in the potty!  When water (or the other) hit the bottom of the potty, it plays music.  Funny stuff.  I started screaming yay yay and then we ran into the kitchen to get m&m's.  Then I said let's go tell daddy (who was outside).  He ran out there, still naked, and I said, "tell daddy what you did!"  He said "I tee tee.  In da potty." 

The past three nights before bath he has used his potty.  I'm not in any way trying to potty train him right now, but if we can get in the habit of just using it before bath time, we'll be on the right track.  Exciting!

For Ryder's 1st birthday, he got several puzzles.  He played with them a little, but then I put them up because he didn't really know what he was doing.  I opened a drawer the other day and spotted them, and thought this would be a good time to get back started on the puzzles.  He's addicted.  He even tells them goodnight when we are taking him back to his room.  "Night night my puzzles, Night night my TB (tv), Night night my books."  He kills me with his shapes puzzle.  He knows his tangle (triangle), circle, square, diamond, and oval.  He hasn't quite mastered rectangle.

He's literally talking in sentences now.  He says things like, "Mah diaper's wet", "Hands and fingers are wet", "Sleep in mama daddy's bed", "I brush mah hair, it's piiiity" (what hair?).  And EVERYTHING will getchu (get you).  "That car getchu", "That frog getchu", "That water getchu", and on and on and on.  And my personal favorite, "mah belly-butt."  He loves to search for people's belly-butt's under their shirt and will poke around until he spots it.  You do know I'm talking about a belly button.
On to recent festivities: Sellers' second birthday party was last weekend. As Ryder would say, "It was FFFFUN" (with a lot of emphasis on the F).

Ryder and Sellers got in and out of the pool 400 times.

Ryder "gettin' me"

It's like "Mom.  Back.  Off."  Can a boy enjoy his cake and ice cream without you in my FACE?

Two peas in a pod.

This is all the diving he's going to be doing for a while.  I hope.

Long day, worn out!

Now Ryder loves a shoe, or two.  I find him with different shoes on, at different times of the day, every day.

And he knows whose shoes they are too.  He said "mama's shoes"
Yeah, I know they're old school gray new balance.  Fear not, I've been eyeing some new and improved neon kicks like all you youngin's out there. 

Speaking of old style workout attire, I have a confession.  Now let me preface by saying I have not been to a gym in nearly three years.  And I don't shop in the athletic department at Target, and I certainly don't frequent my local Foot Locker.  So about a month ago when I decided to get back in the treadmill world, in the comfort of my own home, I got dressed in my workout finest and after about a week, John Michael finally said, "Brittany, don't you think it's time to upgrade to those shorts everybody is wearing these days?"  He is talking about this type...

And I have been proudly sporting these:
1999 cheerleading style, waist band rolled over and the whole nine. Embarrassing.
No that is not a picture of me, sorry.  Plus, mine are either red or black (go Arrows).

Other items Ryder picks up around the house and tries on.  His father's ties. (If he's not a spitting image of JM is this picture...) 

Watching a little TV


Broaching another subject:  Couponing.  It's all the rage.  Do you see on facebook where all these people are saying, "LOOK, I just spent $12 on $175 worth of stuff with my coupons", etc, etc.  My dear friend Mandy asked me to go to this couponing class with her.  Obviously, this is right up my alley because I do love a good savings.  But, what you have to understand about me is that if I get started on a project, I am so OCD about giving it 100%, that when I fail, I come down hard on myself.  For instance, if I took this class and did not make it my life goal to clip coupons everyday, I would be dissapointed in myself.  And then I would worry about it and feel like I wasted my time taking this class and I'm not even taking advantage of it.  I can't explain it, but that's just how I am.  Are any of you taking part in this?  If it's worth it, maybe I should just give it a shot. 

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