Redneck Weekend

This weekend...

We used our recycle bins as lawn chairs.

We used our cooler as a wagon.

We used scraps in our garage to build a table for our crawfish.

And we cut a nice circle to fit our "Crawfish Catcher"

Which was also used to contain Ryder while we all ate (just kidding)

Becca and Papa came over to play with Ryder

Ryder loved wearing his Papa's Florida hat

Later, Grandaddy, Nanni and T came over to join in on the fun.

Ryder's friend, Gaines, came to play too!

He did not appreciate me taking him away from his tool shed to snap a picture with dear ol' mom.

After too much fun in the sun, it was time for T and Ryder to rest.

And he decided he wanted to spend the night with CC and Poppy, so he got lots of grandparent love this Redneck weekend.


Rewind to last week.  I took Ryder to the doctor Friday afternoon.  It's pretty much determined he has asthma.  They can't fully diagnose him for 6 more months, when he turns two.  But signs are pointing YES.  He gets out of breath really easily while playing and he rattles with each breath.  For now, we are just doing stronger breathing treatments twice a day, every day for about 6 months and then re-evaluating.  Please say prayers that this doesn't get worse or turn into something more serious.  And also that he doesn't fight us while trying to give him the breathing treatments.  It can be difficult to keep him in place to do them without getting made and trying to break away.  He did, however, enjoy his sucker at the doctor's office!

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