A few happenings

Ryder wanted to tell Miss Meg something for her St. Paddy's birthday...

Not sure where Ryder learned this, but he will walk up to floor length mirrors and point and himself in the mirror and say "Ryder" (in the best way he can).  And then I will say "Give Ryder a kiss" and he gives himself a kiss in the mirror.

Then he turns around proud as punch!

Ryder's not going to get pinched... he's got green glasses

The Ketchum clan came to visit us.  Ryder had a ball with Roe and Rhett

And Reese! (and the fourth one, Rip, is on the way!)

Reese is 3 years older than Ryder... I'm pretty sure he weighs more.

Reese figured that out too, she said, "Hey Ryder, why don't you just sit by me."


Well, we ventured out to the St. Paddy's parade this year.  It's not quite my cup of tea anymore, but it's great to see friends nonetheless.

The wives

The husbands



We have had a sick little boy, yet again.  Took Ryder to the doctor Monday and he was running 104.1 fever.  He has a really bad ear infection again and they gave him a rocephin shot and prescribed him to some Tylenol with codeine.  Well that worked for a good eight hours until he woke up at 2 a.m. the next morning running 103.6 fever.  We went back to the doctor Tuesday, got another rocephin shot and praise the Lord they decided it was time for tubes.  He has been one pitiful little baby, breaks my heart into a million pieces seeing him like this.  And on top of it all, his canine teeth are coming in, and from what I hear, it's painful!

The nurse warned me that the rocephin might get Ryder a little amped up.  She was correct.  He was out of my sight for one minute and I walk into my bedroom to find our kitchen garbage can (full of trash) in our bedroom.  Next to our trash can was a clothes basket chock full of nicely folded clean clothes that were waiting to be put up.  Ryder took it upon himself to empty the clothes basket one article at a time and throw it into the dirty garbage can.  And vice versa.  Back and forth, garbage can, clothes basket, garbage can, clothes basket.  I didn't even stop him.  It was just so nice to see him up and moving.

Wait!!!  One more piece!

Nicely done, son.

Rocephin started to wear off

Having a FIT

Just pitiful

"Mama, I ran out of my stuff that makes me sleepy, gimmie more!!"
 (Tylenol with codeine)  Mmm mmm, good to the last drop.

And even though my little monkey is sick sick sick, he has started saying a couple words at a time.  Over the past few days he's said things like, "no juice", "no milk", "no grapes", "mama home", "daddy work".  When I picked him from my mom's the other day from her keeping him since he couldn't go to school, we were leaving and he said "CC home, poppy work".  When he teeth were hurting he would put his hand in his mouth and say "teef huuuut".  He says a ton of one worded things, but it's cute now hearing him put a few together.  Love love love love love love love love HIM!!!

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