Cleaning Out

You are all familiar with Ryder and his love of milk.  The other day I pulled up the website to where Ryder goes to school and you can watch a live streaming video from his class.  Well I pulled it up just in time for snack time.  I saw Ryder at the table with two other boys and while I was watching, the teacher brought the milk to the first boy.  I noticed Ryder getting a little antsy.  Then she walked away, and came back and handed the milk to the second boy.  "OH NO!", I thought.  Ryder's about to regulate on one of these kids!  See photo below of him looking for his teacher and wondering where the heck was his???   *Ryder is wearing the yellow shirt and pics are blurry because I took photo with my cell phone of my computer screen.

Now THAT'S more like it

We have been doing some insane spring cleaning in our home.  On Saturday, we scrubbed the grout on every square inch of our kitchen and two bathrooms that have this tile.  I am still sore today. 

Ryder even got in on the action by helping his ol' dad change some light bulbs.

Then, after staring at these scraps in my cabinet for just too long, I decided to tackle them:

This is my scribble scrabble stash of recipes collected over the nearly 4 years of our marriage.  Because I have a little OCD in my bones, I decided if I looked into the cabinet and saw these loose papers one more time, I might in fact have a panic attack.  So, I gathered all the papers, and typed one by one each recipe into a word document.  These are all recipes I have either cut out of magazines, or gotten of other people's blogs, printed off recipe websites, or just scribbled down myself.  And now, they are all compiled into a beautiful, neatly typed word document.  All 14 pages, organized by appetizers, breakfast recipes, dinner recipes, crock pot recipes, side recipes, bread recipes and dessert recipes (I'll show you a sneak below). 

You are probably thinking I am very weird for doing this.  But it actually took a couple pounds off my shoulders because it's something I have been wanting to do for a long time, and finally got a chance to get around to it.  If you want me to send my word doc. to you in an email, leave me a comment with your email address, and I will be happy to!


These two are huggers if I've ever seen one
More hugs, different part of the night.

Ryder and his ketchup at Cock of the Walk.
He felt like the king dipping his fries in his ketchup like that.


At the first sight of a yawn, we try to go ahead and put Ryder down for the night so he won't get so overly tired that he starts to fight it.  Over the past month or so he's been so sweet and not fighting bedtime.  As soon as we walk in his room he immediately lays his head on our shoulder and whispers, "bed, bed, bed" in a soft little voice until we put him down.  Most of the time he doesn't make a peep until he falls asleep.


  1. E-mail me the recipes. Trey claims I need to try new things...

  2. I would love your file... I have all of mine typed up too, so I'll respond with them if you want. HarrisJamieR@gmail.com

  3. i have all of my recipes in a word doc too! i love when i discover that other people are just as OCD as me... and i'd LOVE to have a copy of your recipes! aarpatrick@gmail.com :)

  4. As you'll notice on my blog today I'm on a new recipes kick! Would love to have your Word doc! I had a bunch of recipes saved into Evernote on my computer so I compiled them into a Word doc and will be happy to send it to you. It's definitely not as organized as yours is though... I'm so impressed that you did that! I have a ton of loose recipes, maybe I'll do it someday myself :) My email is esdmsu21@gmail.com