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Me and Robie

The costume contest - Ryder got THIRD PLACE!

Getting our prize 

 Funny Robot

Cheesin' Robot

Originally, I had purchased the cute little green dinosaur with the blue polka dots for Ryder to wear for Halloween.  I happened to be at Babies R Us over a month ago and picked it up without looking for anything else.  Then, as the weeks went on and everyone asked what Ryder was going to be and I told them a dinosaur, each persons response was, "Oh, the cute green one with blue polka dots from Babies R Us?"  I decided I would look for something else, for I didn't want my little dino to look like all the rest!  So, I happened to be out running an errand for work out by Dogwood yesterday, and made a quick trip into The Children's Place just to see if they had anything left.  Wouldn't you know I found the cutest little robot costume, complete with tight blue leggings.  The best part?  It was on clearance being so close to Halloween.  $7 baby!  So I kindly returned my $29 dinosaur and off we went.


I was playing with my "aperture" and "ISO" settings on my camera (blah) and so I had fun capturing all of Ryder's most common expressions.

This is the face he makes right when he says "Ffffffiiiiii" (five)

This is the face he makes when he says "dhat" (that)

This is the face he makes when he wants us to pick him up and has his arms wrapped around our legs

This is simply his precious semi-smile

Now that Ryder walks, he loves walking over to us and giving hugs.  It is beyond the sweetest thing.  I know his hair looks really oily... it's just wet.  Right after bathtime.  Just had to clear the air.

We had quite the incident the other night.  Ryder's favorite thing is to knock his little wooden chair over.  This time, he tumped right over with it and banged his lip into it.  Immediately after it happened, I thought his lip looked a little different but I couldn't tell.  Then about 20 minutes later JM walked in the door and I asked him if Ryder's lip looked different.  He said "YES IT LOOKS DIFFERENT WHAT HAPPENENED!!!!!!"  Then I got a closer view.  You can't tell by the picture, but it was pretty swollen.  Dismiss the food on his face.  We were making our way to the bathtub as this happened.
It was gone the next morning.

This week's dinner special was an easy but favorite: 


Brown meat and mix with taco seasoning
Must-Have Toppings:  Lettuce, cheese, sour cream, taco sauce, chilli cheese fritos, bananas, pineapple.  No, that wasn't a typo.  Try bananas and pineapple on your taco salad.  It's delish.  And remember, I am super picky.  Promise you'll like.

And wah-la!


We are headed to Starkville tomorrow for the weekend with Ryder in tow.  He's already showing signs of a cold so I hope he doesn't get sick while we are there, especially with the weather change.  I'm looking forward to him playing at the tailgate.  I'm making a fun "fall-themed" tailgate dessert.


1 8oz tub ready-made cheesecake filling
1 15oz can pumkin pie mix (I only use half the can so it's not too pumpkin-y)
1 3oz package vanilla instant pudding mix

Mix well and serve with gingersnaps or graham cracker sticks.  It's tasty!  And I've got some halloween colored sprinkles to sprinkle on top to make it festive.

And I couldn't resist making these tonight...

1 package oreos, crushed (I used my food processor)
1 8oz cream cheese, softened
Mix both ingredients well
Roll into bite sized balls and place on a baking sheet lined with wax paper, refrigerate for an hour
Melt 1 package of chocolate or vanilla almond bark
Dip balls with a toothpick into melted chocolate
Place on wax paper to dry
If you want to top with sprinkles, do it immediately because the chocolate dries quickly.

Aren't they puuurty?

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  1. What online photo class are you taking? I want to do something like that and your pictures look great!