In -n- Out

If this is what it takes for me to get things done in the kitchen, so be it.

I was trying to prepare my crock pot roast and I didn't want the guilty concience of not playing with Ryder, so I gave in and let him load and unload the tupperware cabinet until I was finished.


1 Rump Roast
1 tbsp Tony's
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp onion powder
1 tsp pepper
3 tbsp oil
3 packages brown gravy mix
2 packages ranch dressing mix
3 cups water
1 cream of mushroom
1 bag baby carrots
4 potatoes, peeled and cubed

Rinse roast and poke several holes in it with knife.  Season all over with Tony's, garlic powder, onion powder and pepper.  Heat oil in pan and when hot, add roast.  Brown well on each side.  In crock pot add gravy mix, ranch mix, soup and water, mixing well.  Once roast is brown, add to crock pot along with baby carrots and potatoes.  Cook on low 8-10 hours.  You can cook rice and top with the roast gravy if you don't want to use pototoes.  Or, you can do both like I did :)

Note to working moms, this is what I did:  I seasoned the roast the night before and put it in a bowl and covered with reynold's wrap.  Then, I pulled out all ingredients that are needed and left them on the counter.  Then, in the morning all I had to do was brown the roast and put everything in the crock pot. 
When I walked in the door after work I had forgotten I cooked and let me tell you what a nice surprise it was to come home to!

Ryder ran into his buddy Gaines while out and about!
They both go to Mrs. Connie and they love eachother.

Hangin' with Nanni and Terrell

Pants on my head, Pants on my head, Lookin' like a fool with my pants on my head!  (Hopefully you've heard the American Idol version).

Or do they look better at this angle?

Representing the dawgs at church Sunday after the big Florida win.

Sunday afternoon we gave a shower for one of my best friends, Lindsey and baby Levi.  I am quite proud of my photography in this particular picture:  Notice the nice blurred background.  I think my class is working!

Door decor

 Mommy to be Lindsey, and her mama.

I tried SO HARD to get pictures of Ryder today after work.  The only reason I couldn't get any decent pictures was because he was practically running from me and my camera.  He is quite quick on his feet these days.  I tried to sit him down for at least one good shot and he would jump and and start hauling it.  So here's the best I could do.  And as you can see, he is on the move in every single shot.  Why was I on pins and needles for him to start walking...?  I can't seem to remember.

Why, thank you son!

 Ryder's morning pallet I make him in front of the couch if I am trying to get ready and JM has already gone to work.  Sid keeps him occupied.

Saturday morning we went to Applebees to support Attache's pancake breakfast.  I tell you what, Ryder loves a good utensil. 

When we pull into the garage I'll turn around and look at Ryder and say "You ready to open the garage?"  He starts getting excited and looks over to where the door is and when I get him out of the carseat he grins all the way over to the door and holds his pointer finger out ready to push the button.  He's always so proud after he punches it and the garage opens.

"I can see you, but you can't see me"

We are on a stacking blocks kick.

 More block stacking

Ryder is infatuated with the sound machine.  It's on his floor and he always goes straight for it and pulls out the plug.  I grabbed it from him to put the plug back in.  And this.

After I had taken it away from him too many times he got smart and grabbed it and waddled out of the room with it and bumped right into the door and got this big bump on his head.  After a few more tears we finally got him grinning again.

A few things Ryder is up to these days:
-As soon as we get home after work, I change clothes and immediately take Ryder outside.  He stays out there until he's filthy.
-While he is outside, 90% of the time he is getting in and out of his little car that I know you have seen in many pictures on this blog.  He gets in it.  Gets out of it.  Repeat.
-He also likes to go in and out of the door, back and forth 20 times in a row.  He'll crawl over the metal part of the doorway and turn around and crawl right back into the door. 
-If you say where is your ear, he sticks his finger in his ear.  Smart lil monkey!  This is kind of scary but when we are in our bathroom he goes straight for JM's sink cabinet and the other day he pulled out an open box of q-tips.  Luckilly I happened to look right over when he pulled out a q-tip and put it right where his ear was.  At least he knows what to do with it (right?)
-He loves to give sugar to me and JM in the mornings.  But he is always even.  He'll make the mmmmm sound and turn my way to give me sugar, then he does the same thing to JM.  And then back to me, and back and forth a couple more times. LOVE HIM!


  1. The poor little man did bump his head.

  2. my outfit made the blog! yay! he looks so darn cute in it!!!!