Play Ball and Feed Ducks

Just a glimpse of what the future holds for these two and their father/son relationship.  I'm sure they'll be at many a ballgame.
(Nanni - perfect timing on the outfit!)
I was so proud of John Michael for taking Ryder to the Mississippi Braves game tonight, by himself!  I had a work event in Jackson until 7, so JM took him to the game and then I met them there to pick him up.  It didn't hurt that BankPlus has a suite, so it wasn't as hard.  Plus, all the ladies in the suite gave Ryder lots of loves while JM got to watch a little of the game.

Here is a picture from the last time we were at the Braves game, which was last April (it was actually just at the Braves Stadium, but State and Ole Miss were playing eachother) and it was the day we found out Ryder was going to be a little BOY! 

And here we are almost 1 1/2 years later at the same location with our lil stinker

I really think he had a great time!

And he was definitely getting vocal with the umpires.


Last week we had a family outing at Cock of the Walk.  It was us, Marlee, Tripp & Sellers, Mom and George, and Kayla and Kevin.  It was really great to all get together.  And the food wasn't too bad either.

If you can believe it, Ryder had a blast banging his two metal pans together.  That doesn't sound like him, does it?
And by the way, if I could've captured a picture of him after he tasted slaw, you would NOT be seeing this sweet grin.

One of many failed attempts at a family photo. Boy, that was tough.  Please see the frustration on my face, and JM about to pull Ryder's arm out of socket.  If you know this child, you know he gets very distracted.  So do you think he was interested in the ducks much?

Ryder and his cousin Sellers with Poppy (Sellers at almost 15 months, Ryder at almost 12) 

Someone apparently needed a diaper change.  Couldn't keep it in the pants.

True love.

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