A Case of Salmonella?

That's the last thing I exected to hear from the doctor today.  Ryder had been running fever for about 24 hours by the time we got him to the doctor around noon today.  And he had probably gone through at least 15 runny diapers.  To say the least, his beee-hind looks like a 14 year old practically begging for pro-active.  I will post one cheek, so that I don't expose the whole boot. 
So, moms.  I know I shared some "house cleaning" tips last week.  But tonight I'll give you some baby booty cleaning tips.  Our doctor told us that for the rash we should coat his booty in Malox.  "The stuff you drink."  People drink Malox?  I didn't know this, but I nodded along.  Well JM sweetly went to pick up dinner and a few necessities at the grocery tonight (who knows... he could've been using that Rogaine coupon while there), and he called to see if I needed anything.  I said Malox.  He said OH YEAH!!  (he gets real excited when we need to get items for Ryder, it's super cute).  Unfortunately, he forgot the Malox, so sorry moms, I can't prove that it works.  But, our doctor said it does.  I'll be purchasing some first thing tomorrow and will keep you posted.  I suppose some of my readers may want to know what I mentioned salmonella.  My mom kept Ryder today because of him being sick, and the diaper she changed before we took him to the doctor literally looked like he poo'ed a blood clot.  Sick, I know.  But it was so bad.  So doc said with the fever along with the bloody diaper, she thinks it's salmonella.  They are doing a culture (sp?) on the diaper and are supposed to let us know by noon tomorrow if it's salmonella or not.

When Ryder is sick, he always tends to smile and laugh, no matter what.  This is comforting to me because I know that he can't be hurting toooo bad if he can flash those pearlies.  So, only minutes after that nastiness above, I took him outside for some fresh air... and to try out his new adirondack chair.

I have a feeling he's going to be real good at the game of hooookie once he gets into school.  I mean happy as a clam not 5 minutes later.

Since he was in such a good mood, I gave it a shot trying to see if he wanted to walk.  I'm talking this child hates trying to walk.  He straighens those legs out so tight when we try to stand him up.  He will cruise along every peice of furniture in a two mile radius, and he will walk behind rolling toys, but when it comes to standing alone, he's out.

He wanted to give me a step... but he just couldn't get those legs movin'.
But he stood in place long enough for JM to take nearly 20 pictures.

Then it was daddy's turn.  I always assume he will just up and walk to daddy, no problem.  This child LOVES his daddy.  Today at the doctors office, even the doctor said "Well he's not a daddy's boy much is he?"  The child was stuck to him!

These two decided walking was for the birds...
And instead wanted to watch the game, and enjoy their beverages.

JM was kind of disappointed that Ryder wasn't "more into the game."  Because... and I quote, "when he was little, he LOVED football."  When he was little?  I wasn't aware our child was seventeen now. 

While they "watched the game", I decided to break down and stain Ryder's birthday table.  If there are any misspelled words in this blog, I blame the fumes.  Good grief those were strong.


Thanks so much to all of you who told me about Star Furniture, we love our table and chairs!

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