I Don't See Your Order, Sir

We hosted small group at our house last night, so we decided to order pizza for the meal.  Earlier in the day, I was sitting at my desk at work and the marketing lady for Mazzio's happened to walk in to bring some coupons and she saw where I had Mazzio's number written down on a sticky in front of me.  She asked if I was ordering pizza, and I said yes, that I was ordering for my church small group.  I guess you could say I like to shop around for the best price (when time allows, and in this situation it did).  But she wasn't going to have that.  Before I could even give her the details she got all excited and decided she would give me the $7 a pizza deal since it was for Piiiiiiinelake as she kept prounouncing it.  Then she ran around to my desk phone, picked it up, and then asked me what the phone number to Mazzio's was (her place of business).  So once I gave her the number, she called and ordered the pizza for me, all five larges.  And they were to be ready at 6:10, small group starts at 6:30.  JM got home, jumped in the shower, and then headed out the door to pick it up at the place in which I told him I ordered.  Right at 6:15 he calls and says "What's the name under?"  I said, "Well either Brittany or Piiiiiinelake" and he tells me they don't have the order.  I panic.  Then he tells me they can still make it, and it will be about 15 minutes.  Fine.  He finally gets to the house about 6:40 carrying five boxes of this:

So that's why they didn't have the order.  And that is what the saying "Communication is Key" means.


Ryder definitely had salmonella, we found this out on Sunday.  He is fine now, and to be honest, he's seemed 10 times worse when he's just had a simple cold.  So parents, as bad as the word salmonella sounds, don't be too alarmed if your child gets it.  It's not as bad as it sounds.  Just make a pit stop by Sam's and pick up fifteen jumbo pack of wipes, you'll need them.

Since he was sick, I kept him today and we spent the day running errands since he wasn't feeling bad.  This particular boutique we were in was dead silent, no music and no other customers besides me.  And keep in mind, the floors were mighty hollow.  I sat him on the ground beside me and gave him my purse to rummage through to keep him occupied so I could look through a few racks.  It was nearly 3:00 and I suddenly realized that he had only had two dirty diapers all day long (this is a good thing for salmonella booty's).  And wouldn't you know, just as I had that thought, the thunder rolled.  And I mean the thunder ROLLED!  And no people, it wasn't raining outside.  That child tooted so loud you would've thought he sat on the world's largest whoopie cushion.  Now count to five really slowly.  That's how long this thing lasted.  I was mortified.  I saw the clerk glance over in the corner of my eye and I looked over at Ryder and said something like, "Ryder why are your shoes making that silly noise" or something like that.  Just trying to act like I was talking to him.  Obviously she knew.  But I knew I needed to change his diaper, and immediately.  If I asked her for the restroom, it would be like admitting the truth.  That the roaring thunder she heard was actually from the rear, not the shoe.  So I held off until we got to the car and prepared myself for the worst.  And there was nothing.  Nothing!  I was pleasantly shocked. 

While we were out and about, I took Ryder to his favorite store, Victoria's.  He was quite the panty snatcher, I was having to pick them up off the floor left and right.


  1. I love that your blogged about the Pizza.

  2. haaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha i love it when anyone talks about gas!! by far my fav subject!