My Forward Facing, Moo Saying, Finger Shaking Son

Me:  Ryder, what does the cow say?
Ryder: MMmmmMmmmmMMmmm


When he gets to the fireplace where the rocks are, or the dog bowl, I tell him NO.  He is such a baby genious.  When he crawls over to either of those places he looks at me, shakes his finger and says, "No, No, No, No, No."

Don't tell the doctor, but Ryder is a forward facer.  He loves looking straight ahead while riding.  The only problem is our child can get distracted by a stray hair.  It doesn't take much.  So naps in the car have not been as successful because he can see us, and he doesn't understand why we can't pick him up if he can see us. 

Ryder has become aware of what the sound of the garage means.  That means daddy is home!  He will stop what he is doing, slap a real serious look on his face, and jet crawl for the kitchen door, where he knows daddy will be coming in.  Many times, he won't even let his daddy drop his bags before he demands to be picked up.  As you can see, JM is holding a big box and a paint can.  But nobody says no to Mr. Ryder these days.

Last weekend I had lunch with lots of my best girlfriends, and a few of our babies!  We went to Margarita's, and because we had a problem "holding it down" we had a family or two move tables.  I'm sorry not everyone can have as good a time as us.

Shelly, Mac, Myself and Ryder

Swayze giving love to Ryder

Neener Neener Neeeeener, I got a straaaaa-aaawww!

Best Friends

I also got baptized at the Reservoir last weekend.  All of my family was there to watch (we missed you Anna Terrell!)


Ready to Dunk

Post Dunk
I'm officially a Baptist now.

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