Dreams and Things

Connie took Ryder and Gaines to Walmart yesterday.
Someone asked her if they were twins...
I would probably wonder too, they're only 7 months apart.

Speaking of Walmart - Can I get a price check?


1. When the guest speaker at an event tells a joke or a story that is supposed to be funny, and nobody laughs, that is one of the worst moments...but for ME! I am that person in the audience that yelps out a laugh so that the speaker doesn't feel like an idiot. And then I end up looking like one.

2. I have the weirdest dreams, most every night. One thing I hate though - I always forget the best details by the time I get out of the shower and am ready to tell JM all about the craziness. I wish I would've thought long ago to keep a journal of my funny and wacky dreams so I could go back and read it and laugh. John Michael rarely has dreams, and when he does, they aren't very interesting. So this morning I was quite pleased when he said, "I just had the weirdest dream." He dreamed he was hired as the Handicapped Parking Coordinator for BankPlus. One dream I can't stand to have is when you are trying to do something, but you are just too weak. Like run from a monster and your legs won't move fast enough, or at all. Scary.

3. I have a challenge with umbrellas. Just a thought due to all the rain we've had this week..one thing that frustrates me about the umbrella - is there a certain trick to remembering which way to wrap the velcro ribbon once you have pulled the umbrella back together? Never fails, I wrap it the wrong way the first time, EVERY time.

4. If you shop at Kroger and use your Kroger card, you are well aware of the coupons that slide out along with your receipt. These are coupons that are similar to the types of items you normally purchase. A coupon for Rogaine came out yesterday while JM was picking up a few things for me... I'm wondering what products he has been purchasing during those routine trips to Kroger.

5. I used two new (to me) baking products last night. A sifter and shortening. I hadn't a clue what a sifter looked like (had to ask Connie since the cookies were her recipe) and I had always envisioned shortening to be similar to flour, or baking powder, or baking soda or anything of that texture. I was nearly knocked backwards when I opened that tub of shortening and it was more like a greasy whipped texture. I love to learn something new. And I'm most proud of my cookies from scratch, they are almost as good as yours Connie!


John Michael, Ryder, Nanni, Grandaddy and I went to Bright Lights Belhaven Nights last weekend. I can't believe they made my 11 month old wear an "Under 21" armband, like he was going to try and sneak one or something.

Come on cops, he only needed a sip.

John Michael was so sweet he even puckered up at me while I was taking their picture :)
(please don't divorce me for this)

LOOOVE my family.

(found these on the Real Simple magazine website, thought they were fabulous tips!)

Vinegar. You can remove stubborn price tags or stickers using vinegar. Brush them with several coats of it, let the liquid soak in for five minutes, then wipe away the residue.

Aluminum Foil.
Wish I would've known this when we painted Ryder's bathroom.

Place a rubberband on each end of the hanger to prevent thin-strapped clothing from sliding off.  Best idea yet!
Blog won't let me delete one of the hanger pics.

Corkscrews. They sliced corkscrews and glued them to the cabinet doors to mute the noise when they shut (great advice for moms like me who unload the dishwasher while Ryder is sleeping). I, on the other hand, will probably use the felt circles that we put under our dining room chairs so they don't scratch the hardwood floors. But I never thought to put them on the cabinets, great idea!

Dust baking soda under your arms to absorb body odor.
T-M-I, folks. Now this is a quick tip I will NOT be trying. Nor do I need to. But hey, you never know who is reading and might actually find this trick useful.

This is totally inappropriate but while on the subject of pits... Who watches Bethenny Getting Married? Did you see where her male friend had profuse armpit sweating issues and used to wear pantyliners under his armpits? I died laughing.


Ryder loves the DAH (ball)...
As you can see with his mouth, he is saying dah.

Honestly, don't you have to be kind of strong to do this? Basketballs are heavy!

As I was washing dishes I heard alot of racket... only because Ryder was trying to make his way into my magazine holder. Success.

We went to get his table/chair set from Star Furniture... but apparently they are only good for pushing around the house. No sitting here.

And I'll leave you with this bundle of cuteness.

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