The Belt

I guess I forgot to post some 10 month facts about Ryder during all the sickness chaos last week.  After his appointment last Wednesday morning, he was out sick the rest of the week, and even throughout the weekend.  JM had to go to church alone Sunday because he still had fever.  Well, what is Ryder up to these days?
  • size 4 diapers
  • not taking well to baby food anymore so I've attempted a few more solid choices, such as: black eyed peas, mashed potatoes, cheese slices, strawberries, bananas, graham crackers, scrambled eggs, yogurt, pancakes, chicken spaghetti.  He's had a couple french fries at Connie's, and squash and green beans at his Nanni and Grandaddys.  We're still using the jar food, but only until it's gone.
  • takes four 6oz bottles a day
  • usually has one sippie cup of juice a day, I still dilute half of it with water
  • has the tip of one top tooth and two bottom teeth growing in as we speak, will probably be grown in by the end of the weekend
  • has stood in place by himself for about 10 seconds (a couple times)
  • answers every question with "da da"
  • can give a "5", but only a low five
  • starting to wave bye bye with his arm straight out and flops it up and down real wobbly
  • of what hair he's got, it looks like it's going to be curly when he gets hot or it's humid outside
  • if he can hear you, but can't see you, he whips his head all over the place until you are in his sight
  • is mesmerized by "this little piggie went to market" - a great tool while trying to cut nails or take temp
  • when he sees you drinking something, he curls his lips into a perfect "o" while you are taking a sip, it's like he is trying to take a sip of the air
  • he loves to look out the window, all the time
  • and last but not least, he carries his new friend with him everywhere he goes... John Michael's belt
He takes his belt to the kitchen.
He takes his belt to the living room.
He even takes his belt when he goes to share food with Peanut.
Did I mention he loves looking out the window?
Now, this is just a cute face.
I can't take JM to anymore kids shops.  The moment we walked in he was putting Ryder on every toy and zooming him all over the store.  And then he informed me he was buying this for Ryder, and it was time to go home so they could play on it.


Happy Wedding Anniversary to my mom and George!

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  1. Connie ChrietzbergJuly 15, 2010 at 2:44 PM

    Well no wonder he says da da all the time... he buys him all the cool toys mom! ha ha