Five Fact Friday

I have a few Friday facts to share on this lovely scorcher of a day.
  • When I see that scary hairyness growing from a potato, I get chills for days.  Have them right now just thinking about it.  It's like eyes with long stringy hair coming out of them.  How could you eat that?
  • When I use a public restroom, I always...ALWAYS... tear off the last sheet of toilet paper and throw it away so that I don't have to use what the last person touched.  One time Kristen and I were in a public restroom together (okay... you know girls go to the restroom together) and I noticed she did the same thing.  Funny.
  • Speaking of public restrooms, if I have to use one, I 100% prefer using a fast food joint over a gas station.  I always make JM pull over to the local Wendy's before the Exxon.  I don't see how it could be much cleaner, but I just think it is.
  • I have the same routine when it comes to getting ready.  But I have noticed over the years when getting ready with friends, that I do something backwards from all the rest.  I put on my mascara, then I dry my hair, then I put on my powder and the rest of my makeup at the very end right before I walk out the door.
  • I am giddy over buying (and using) new cleaning supplies.  Bought a whole new stash at Walmart yesterday.  Cleaned like a woman 8 1/2 months pregnant, in full nesting mode.
Ahhhh, I can smell the clean now.

This is off the wall, but after watching the bachelorette Monday night and seeing the mom with braces, JM and I got into a conversation about the things.  He asked if I ever had to wear the rubberbands.  I can't help but chuckle at the thought of junior high when people had to wear rubberbands in every which-a-way.  Diagonal, criss cross, side to side, up and down, and probably round and round.  What horrifying times.  But those rubberbands sure were a way to show your school spirit!  I wish I had pictures of my red, black and white rubberbands.  Go Arrows!

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  1. too funny. i do the same thing with public restroom toilet paper. and Ifor sure stop at fast food places over gas stations!