Gettin Into the Double D's (double digits)

Today, Ryder is TEN whole months!  1-0!  This picture totally depicts the way he has felt on his first ever double digit birthday. 

We went to the doctor yesterday because when we picked him up out of the crib yesterday morning, the first thing I thought was that he felt like a heating blanket. JM grabbed the thermometer and he was so hot I was too scared to look at the ending number when it beeped. I just knew it would be 104. Well, according to JM, it was 101.8, whew. I called the clinic and got him an appointment for 10 a.m.  When I called to make the appointment, the nurse said the first available would be 9:45, and it would be with a random doctor since ours doesn't work on Wednesdays. If that didn't work, then there was an opening at 10, 10:15, 10:30 and so on. Looking back, that should have been my first clue. He was quite the creeper! After the appointment I called my friend, a nurse there, and asked what was up with this particular doctor. She asked if he did this, and if he did that, and I said YES! She said he runs all his patients off. No wonder he was so available. Before he even took a look at Ryder, he started to tell me what might be wrong.  And boy did he tell me.  I'm telling you the truth, he must have memorized his entire med school book word for word because if I would have actually been listening, I would most likely be able to operate brain surgery after that conversation.  Throughout the entire med school lesson, Ryder was screaming his lungs. I thought, Doctor, are you deaf?  Can you hear?  Please get your ear light and stethoscope out and diagnose my baby.  And lose the med terms upon delivery.  At this point I'm far off in la la land.  The only useful information I had  was what the tech gave me, that he weighed, 21 lb. 11 oz. and that his temp was 102. 

F-i-n-a-l-l-y, we started drawing some conclusions. He has a fever virus. And a summer cold. He is flip flopping Tylenol and Motrin. And also taking Zyrtec and Mucinex. When he woke up this morning his eyes were stuck together with crust and his nose was packed in crust. He’s just pitiful. See below.
I told my mom that in ten months, my arms have not been as sore as they were this morning. I held him just about all day yesterday, which I enjoyed so much of course. I was worried about how he would sleep last night because after putting him down at 7:30 pm, he woke up at 8:30 pm screaming, and then 9:30. At this moment I knew we’d be pulling an all nighter. I woke up sometime around 5:30 this morning in panic mode because why hadn’t he woken up yet? Oh my goodness I ran across the house and put my hand to his body and he gave me a little jerk, and I let out my first breath.

As I wrap things up with the blog tonight (at 9:19 p.m.), he has been fast asleep since 7:45 and before I put him down his temp was 99.9, and that was 5 hours after Tylenol.  His nose is still running like crazy, but hopefully we're making progress and he'll be much better tomorrow.


Tales from the Ho'Tale'
I have stayed in a hotel room eight of the last seventeen nights, in three different cities.  I do love a good hotel room (and the yummy travel toiletries you get at the better ones), but no matter how nice the place, I am a bit funny about some things:

1) I will not use a hotel hair dryer.  I feel like they will smell like the person's hair who used it last.  That's nasty.

2) At home, when I am finished with my towel, I like to reuse it a time or two more to save, and in hotels I like to do the same.  BUT - I don't like to hang it on the door or bathroom hook in a hotel room.  I feel like it will make my towel really dirty.

3) The hotel room drinking glasses, a no-no.  I only use the plastic cups that are wrapped in plastic.

4) The remote control.  I wish I could remember to bring a glove for flipping channels every time I stayed in a hotel.

5) Using the tub to take a bath - this goes without explanation.  And if I ever forget to bring soap, and I have to use their complimentary bar soap, it's not going to rest on the bathtub soap holder, it will sit nicely on a bathcloth, free from the germs where the last person put their bar of soap.  Because you know the cleaning crew doesn't wash that little spot.


Today, my sister and I, along with two other girls filmed a commercial for a new boutique here in Clinton.  It will air on the CW, the channel that carries Gossip Girl, America's Next Top Model, 90210, etc.  Be on the watch!

Danielle, Kayla and I getting ready for the shoot

While I was there, I was itching to get home to my sick bubbie.  And I came home to this sweetness:

My friend (and neighbor!) Lindsey is having a...

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  1. When I travel, I put the shower cap around the remote. It's clear, so you can still see the numbers. The shower caps are the throw-away kinds, so you don't have to worry about previous use. Works like a charm!