Ryder Has Hair!

I got Ryder out of the tub last night and was drying his head off and noticed he had hair sticking up all over the place.  JM got so excited he starting saying to Ryder, "Ryder needs a hair cut!  Ryder needs a hair cut!"  I know I took a risk by putting him on my bed commando to get this picture - but I got caught up in the excitement of hair and gave it a shot.  And lets just say, he gave it a "shot" too.  He teed on my sheets, but it's nothing the ole washer couldn't fix.  His hair looks dark in this picture because, well, it's still wet.  We're still not sure what color it's going to be.

In other news, Kayla got a teaching job!  Mi Groom will be teaching either K or 1st in the Yazoo City Public School system.  Should be interesting.  I'm sure she'll come home with the best stories.  With so many schools on a hiring freeze, and even some letting their teachers go, she is extremely lucky and very blessed for this opportunity.  Kayla - I hope you're giving the Big Man upstairs big thanks for this one!

And some good news in our household as well.  John Michael got a promotion!  He is now Assistant Vice President of Mortgage Lending.  Are you looking to buy a house or refinance to save some money?  Go see him!

We are headed out tonight for the Lone Star State to celebrate the fourth of July.  JM, myself, Will, Brooke, Chris and Hannah will be smooshed in the Tahoe for a good 10 hours one way (I apologize in advance for whoever has to sit on the back row bench with no leg room).  We're going to New Braunfels, TX to tube down the Guadalupe River and see several concerts.  Should be fun, but I promise I wouldn't have signed up for this if I would have known we'd be driving TEN friggin hours.  At the time of paying the non-refundable room reservation, JM conveniently told me this would be about 6 hours.  We're going to drive halfway tonight and get up and drive the rest tomorrow morning.  I reaaaaaally don't want to leave this cutie.  I do love how his eyebrows arch just like his daddy's in this picture, though.

Ryder playing his infamous stare-down game with his Papa.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and SAFE Fourth of July weekend.  As for us, here's a view of where we'll be:

----In the meantime, I'll be looking forward to the 8th - Ryder turns 10 months and my good friend Lindsey finds out if it's a he or she!----

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