What's In The Bag?

I've been tagged by Jamie Harris to let my readers know, "What, exactly, is in yo bag?"  Let me just say that although Jamie and I haven't kept in touch very much since college, she is one of the funniest people I know.  We have hilarous memories from college, all starting on the 3rd floor of Sessums.  And while typing this, something has come to mind.  I often think about that freshman year history class we had, the one where our teacher was a pretty huge fan of LowUUUUUUNdes CowUUUUnty.  Don't you remember on test day we would let Meg finish hers, then pass ours down to her to take for us?  The birth of the molly was in that class as well.  Onward and upward...

The bag.

The wallet.  A year or so after I finished college, I went back to visit my ole' stomp-n-ground, Reed's Department Store in Starkville.  Since I put in 3 wonderful years of service, my lovely friends and ex-coworkers, Devin and Candi, hooked me up with the employee discount on the hobo.  I think I deserved it.  After all, I do have a scar to prove my years of duty.  During an extensive vacuum session, I scraped the top of my hand while trying to get really good underneath a wooden table.  The infamous Reed's T-Shirt table to be exact.

The makeup.  Mostly designer Walmart of course.

The electronics.  Ryder's keys and my iPhone (hold your laughter).

Knick Knacks.  Teething Tablets for a teething baby.  Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer in the scent of Japanese Cherry Blossom, please and thank you.  A ponytail holder/hider of the molly (for you Jamie).  Weird gum flavor that JM bought, stinks to me, I don't chew it.  G-2 pen for my lists.  Infant Ibuprofin, again for a teething baby.

Paper products.  Receipts from my favorite stores, TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Target.

The financials.  Fifteen bucks and some change.  I'm also the queen of gift cards.  Even have 3 more on the way due to American Express points.

More paper.  Ugh I'm a tree killer.  Jamie, how appropriate for you to tag me since I have a sheet of your faithful Phi-Mu lion in my purse.  I've been using that notepad since we left Sessums.  Bulletin from church Sunday.  Oops, another gift card, to Libby Story.  Movie ticket from SATC.  2010 MSU football schedule.  And why I had Mr. Ted's Million Dollar Man business card in my wallet, I'll never know.

That's about it with my stuff, but now let me see yours, Jill, Sarah, and Tonya.


Is anyone aware of any talent/model agencies in the area?  We have been practicing our pose for a while now and I believe this one could be a winner.  It's probably his best angle.
And after much practice, he has perfected his split!
Psych.  But I cracked up when I looked over to find him doing the splits.  Made his daddy so proud!
The next two weeks are going to be hectic.  Connie is out of town for two whole weeks, oh no!  And I'll be out of town one of those weeks.  I think we've got the childcare situation, uhh, situated.  There are two other friends in the neighborhood that will keep him most of the days, Kayla will keep him the two Mondays she is off and JM's Aunt Cynthia will keep him a day. 
I'll be going to Athens, GA for a business conference.  It's my 3rd year to go (4 year program) and the first year it fell on our one year wedding anniversary, and each year thereafter it will do the same.  In addition, it falls on Father's day each year, so I'll have to miss that too.  It's going to be hard leaving Ryder for that long and I don't even want to think about it right now.

Goodnight to all!


  1. You did such a good job with bag... I appreciate the shout outs. You have the best blog of anyone I know, and p.s. I wouln't have passed Leroy Brooks' class without Meggy!!!

  2. I am so excited to get tagged on what's inside my purse. I promise to do it this weekend!!!!!