Finger Prick = Smile

To celebrate Ryder's 9 months of life today, we took him for his routine checkup.  No shots were involved this time, but only a small prick of the finger.  I squeezed his right hand (my mom always did this for us when we got shots, it is supposedly takes your mind off the pain), and waited for the scream.  I heard her say something about a bandaid, and next I knew, the procedure (ha) was all over.  I was greeted with the sweetest smile when he turned his little big head around.  Yes I said big.  90th percentile.  The rest of his body was 50th though.  He is 20 lb. 11 oz. and 28 inches tall.  And his blood count was great.
His doctor asked if he was taking two naps a day (yes), taking four 6oz bottles a day (yes), eating stage 3 baby foods three times a day (yes), going to sleep around 7 p.m. and sleeping through the night (yes), saying dada (yes... and mama too I added), crawling and pulling up (yes).  She said he was on the perfect schedule (thank you Baby Wise).  She suggested we ditch the baby tub, which we probably should've done a while back, and to just fill up the tub a shallow amount.  I think we'll try that tonight.  I told her we had concerns that our new carseat was too wobbly and that he didn't feel strapped in tight enough so she suggested I call our local fire department to check it out.  I called the Clin.ton Fire Department and told the lady who I was and she said that yes, we could come by.  She must've mentioned it to the chief, because a few minutes later our fire chief called me and said that I must bring it by if there is even a chance his safety is in question, and today at that!  Gotta love working for the Chamber and getting personal calls from the chief, right?

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  1. I wish you would do What's in your bag?... I would love to read it.