John Michael and the canoe crew made it back unharmed late Sunday afternoon and he came home to the following:  A vacuumed, swept, mopped and dusted home, clean sheets, washed/dried/folded/put up laundry, an unloaded dishwasher, cooked chicken spaghetti and a cream cheese pound cake, a squeaky clean baby, a fully stocked food cabinet and fridge, 3 huge cans of formula and 2 huge boxes of diapers, and a wife/mommy who was ready to sit back, relax and watch the Daddy/Ryder show.  I had a wonderful long weekend of getting in bed by 8 and catching up on my shows, visiting my new baby nephew Tucker in Starkville and lots of one-on-one time with my lil munchkin, but I must admit, I was relieved when I saw those headlights whip into the driveway.
On Memorial Day, we put Ryder down for his afternoon nap (which is usually about 1-1.5 hours) and blew up the mini pool.  I grabbed my sunglasses, book and a towel, oh... and the monitor, and sat down in the lawn chair to r-e-l-a-x.  Wouldn't you guess what happened the second my rear hit the seat.  So what else to do but have him join us?  Funny Fun Fact:  his hat is size 18 months... he's almost 9.  Does it look like those two straps are connecting anytime soon? 

I have high hopes that the orange schnoz will return to its normal skin tone, sooner rather than later thank you.

Checkin out his new ride.  Also, don't be fooled by what appears to be bottom teeth.  Must be a glare.  JM likes to tell people we're considering dentures as well as a toupee (to coincide with the beef, rice and vegetable 'stash north of the top lip)


I went to see Sex and the City 2 Tuesday night, and it was a hoot!  There were several hilarious one-liners (mostly by Samantha) but the only one I can remember at the moment was when she said "Why don't you tell that to my mustache" when referring to the fact that she wouldn't be able to take her hormone pills (won't tell why for those who haven't seen it).  I wish they would keep making these movies.  I've bought lots of DVD's over time, but only bought two that I've watched over and over - SATC (a few times) and Almost Famous (a few dozen times).  This one will definitely be purchased.


There are a few upcoming events I am excited about:
June 6 - Kristen's birthday and we're possibly taking a class on how to use our camera
June 7? - Shelly is bringing baby Mac to Clinton for 2 weeks
June 8 - Ryder's 9 month checkup
June 10 - My nephew Sellers turns one
June 23 - Our 3 year wedding anniversary


  1. Oh the sun hat made me laugh. I love it. Ford's head scored in the 75th percentile!!!

    And the orange nose will go away. Feed more green food... and if that doesn't work it will when he eats some table food.

  2. if his lil nose is yellow it cuz he is eating to much carrots