Da da Da da Da

It happened...da da is officially the first word. At first it was just a dddddddd sound, but now it's clearly da da. Even though he doesn't know what or who da da is, it's still so cute when he says it and just melts my heart. JM just lights up everytime he says it too. Ryder seems to be a big time daddy's boy right now. He thinks JM is hilarous and laughs at everything he does.

I had a living nightmare last night. We've been mixing half formula with half mama milk the past couple weeks as I start to weane Ryder. I knew we had a good bit of frozen milk in the outside freezer so last night I decided to go ahead and begin to use it up over the next week or two. As I walk into the storage room where the freezer is, I notice a leak on the ground. At first I think it's coming out from a cooler that is sitting there, but then I open the freezer and see all the frozen milk slouched over and unthawed. My stomach hit the floor. I have no idea how long the freezer door had been cracked so since you are supposed to use unthawed milk within 24 hours, I realize that this is all about to go to waste. Thank GOD most of it was used while we were in Breckenridge or I would've really lost my marbles. As I've stated before, I hate to waste things, so I am really kind of annoyed at myself for quitting breastfeeding because I know it's there to give, and more importantly it's free (have you seen the cost of formula?), but it's just time. I will have done it for over 7 months and I think that's pretty dandy.

Conversation between Kayla and a little kindergartener in her class:

Girl: Miss Grooms, what color are you?
Kayla: What color do you think I am?
Girl: Hmm...I guess you mixed.

My advice to Kayla - stay out of that tanning bed!

Five Fact Friday

1. JM goes on a canoe trip every summer with 15 or so guys, and one of the guys that goes will be on this coming up season of The Bachelorette with Ali. Ty Brown is his name. The best part about this is we won't have to fight over the remote on Mondays, as I'm sure JM will tune in.

2. I'll be 26 years old this month and I'm only on my second car. This might not be that big of a deal, but alot of people I know were on car #2 by the time they graduated high school. I want a Volvo SUV. And I want it now!

3. I have a serious problem with rubber neckers... but what's worse is a rubber necker ON FOOT. Example: I was at Target earlier this week and was browsing through clothes in the baby section. The Target worker was next to me hanging clothes and I see this guy (who was with his wife and young child) turn around to stare at her, while continuing to walk. I mean, his head almost did a 360, so much that he nearly tripped over his own son. What do these people think they are going to get out of staring someone down? It grosses me out, bad.

4. I eat bananas in my taco salad, and have recently started adding pineapples. JM makes fun of my family because he says he always have some type of fruit with our meal, whether it's on the side or on top for that matter. He thinks it is so weird. Everytime we're going to eat at either my mom or dads, he'll say, "What are we going to have, besides fruit?"

5. When I was 2 or 3 I stole something from a friend. I remember she spent the night with me and we were playing with her pen that had disney characters on it and it wrote in pink. It's all a bit fuzzy now, but I remember sometime during the night I went and got her pen out of her suitcase and kept it. It still bothers me that I did that, how horrible was I!?

Ryder and Swayze. JM looks good with a little boy AND girl, doesn't he?

Mommy, please don't be mad at me for losing my shoe.

This cutie will be 7 months on Thursday

JM's hat as a baby. Apparently something came unraveled under the hat. You thought Ryder grew hair didn't you?

Shoes are just so cute on little babies

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