Our wonderful babysitter came to our house to keep Ryder on Wednesday to change things up a bit. She cleaned, did laundry, and cooked for us! Yes, our second home cooked meal in 6 months. Baked chicken, homemake mac & cheese, and green beans. You're jealous aren't you! JM walked in and said, man it sure is nice to come home to a home cooked meal. Yep it sure is John Michael, now get on that!

Every now and then we get into a discussion about the roles of parents. Last night as we were bathing Ryder, he asked, "When are you going to start bathing Ryder by yourself." {He has asked me this one too many times} Then I asked, "When are you going to start bathing Ryder by yourself?" He said, "I bet you are the only mom who has never bathed their child by themself." I'm sorry, but I am uncomfortable getting Ryder out of the tub by myself. He is heavy and slippery and how and I supposed to wrap him up in a towel before he starts shivering? The only time I've bathed him by myself I was so scared he was going to slip right through my fingers, and that was like 10 pounds ago. It's just easier with two people. Period. If the help is there, why not utilize it? ... I still love you John Michael. I know you are reading this because you have become my #1 blog fan. He asks me several times a week if I've updated the blog yet and if not, when am I going to? Back to parenting, the way I feel is that we should do everything equally. JM said last night that I am supposed to do more because I am the mother. I understand mothers should do more emotionally but when it comes to household things, the way I look at it is this: We both work full time. We share the responsibilities at home. End of story. I am very thankful that JM agrees with this method because I can't imagine those wives that do it all. Thank you for being so much help hubby =)


1. I'm not just really good at any one thing, such as: singing, playing an instrument, sewing, crafts, sports, cooking, painting, drawing, etc. I wish I had a specialty so that when someone needed help with something, they would think, oh, I'll call Brittany....she's good at that. I need to come up with a hobby.
2. I get called two names that are not Brittany on a regular basis. For some reason, people who know that my name is Brittany, get it confused with either Bridget or Tiffany. This mainly happens with people who call my office. I'll answer the phone and hear "Can I speak to Bridget?" Sometimes I'll say, well this is Brittany. But most of the time I'm too nice to correct them.
3. I worry too much about people getting their feelings hurt. I also do everything I can to avoid someone feeling embarrassed. I have always been this way. I can remember when I was younger, Kayla wanted Dairy Queen and I wanted Wendy's. My mom took us to both places because she is sweet like that, so we went to DQ for her first and when we got to the Wendy's drive thru, I made her hide her DQ bag because I didn't want to hurt the lady at the window's feelings for buying food at another place. Another time, I almost died of embarrassment when my mom asked the lady at McDonalds if she would throw away our Burger King bag. Now that I see how these people act to customers, I'm pretty sure she didn't give a flip where we ate. Hey, that is just less ketchup she has to give out (why do they get so mad when you ask for extra ketchup?)
4. I gained TWENTY lbs freshman year...luckily lost it by sophomore year. Now, this would not have been such a problem if it was spread evenly all over my body. But it wasn't. It was in one place, and that was my FACE. Holy cow. Now you all know where Ryder gets his balloon head from =) When JM and I met summer before my senior year, a big group of us always hung out at my friends Ashlea, Devin, Meg & Lindsey's house. They had this picture framed of all of us from freshman year and every time I went over there I would hide it so he wouldn't see it. It became a joke. They would find it in random places. Under Ashlea's bed, in the kitchen cabinet, etc. The good thing is, he never saw it. If he had, I'm not sure he would NOT have continued the relationship.
5. You will find this very strange, but I know my sister's entire kindergarten class roll. I can say it as fast as I can say the abc's. Don't believe me? Hendrick, Leanord, Corbin, Bridget, Matthew, Barrett, Crystal, Kelly, John, Kayla, Kerri, Wesley, Jessica, Marcus, Hollis, Phillip, Lindsey, Laurie, Brett, Brittany, Ricky, Shea, Amber, Annalee, Ashley, Casey, William, Valencia. I can't memorize jack so I don't know how I memorized this, or even why for that matter. I think it started when we used to play school and she had a list of her class roll and I guess I would "call roll" and somehow it stuck.

This week in pictures:

Get me away from this crazy dog! NOW!

Look, I can do it all by myself!

Getting a good nights sleep...

...So I can wake up with a smile on my face!

I'm making progress with the sippy cup.

I can sit up now...BUT, I can't get there by myself just yet.


  1. You crack me up! I totally understand being nervous giving Ryder a bath alone. I always would get Joey to help me. ACTUALLY, you can tell JM that Joey takes care of Joseph's baths. That is their time. I think Joey secretly likes playing with the bubbles and boats. Once he told me that Joseph needed more boats b/c his didn't float good enough.

    Ryder is PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!! I know ya'll are having a blast.

  2. I love these pictures!!:) Just for the record & not that you probably care, but Kyle is the official baby bather at our house... most nights anyway. He bathes both while I scramble around to get the house back in one piece. It takes teamwork to make it all happen!! No one person can do it alone... and still be sane ;)

  3. I just laughed out loud at your random things about you! WHY would you know now - or ever - your sister's kindergarten class roll?! That is hilarious.
    And I knew you when you were a freshman. I don't think your face would look chubby if you tried!

    Ryder is precious!

  4. First and most importantly all your readers need to see a picture of you from freshman year! You have to show us!

    Tell JM to call Trey and talk about this helping out equally thing. Trey needs to hear about this real bad. The boy is gone turkey hunting right now. It's always some kind of hunting season.

  5. Brittany - I LOVE your sweet mommy moments and random facts! You are hilarious! Keep the insanity coming! P.S.SO jealous of your good nights sleep. We are NOT there! Maybe one day...