My Seven Month Old

Today my baby boy is 7 months old! It's funny, I don't even consider him a baby anymore. I catch myself saying, "My son this" or "My little boy that", why don't I think he is a baby anymore? That is sad. Here are some facts about Ryder at 7 months: He can hold his own bottle - is loving his sippy cup and drinks about 4 oz of apple juice at a time, usually just once a day - says da da - loves anything that blinks or lights up - eats his feet and pulls his socks off with his mouth - doesn't take a paci - grabs my water bottle because he thinks it's his bottle since they are the same color (clear with blue writing) - eats stage 2 baby foods of apples, carrots, bananas, peas, green beans, squash, peaches, pears - goes to bed at 7:30 pm and wakes around 7 am - kicks his legs almost all the time - slobbers and probably goes through a bib an hour - doesn't have teeth yet - talks to himself in bed for about 20 minutes before we go get him - loves to sit in our bed and watch Sid the Science Kid on PBS in the mornings while we are getting ready - has never slept with us although I wouldn't mind it, he's just not that type of baby - fake coughs to get our attention - hates being on his belly and rolls over as soon as I put him there - sits up once I put him in position, but doesn't stay for long. Of course I could go on and on.

Lately, it's getting harder and harder to leave him when I go places now that he is becoming more "fun". It doesn't bother him a bit, but I'm not going to lie, I miss him more than I did when he was a couple months old. I am going to Orange Beach this weekend with some girlfriends and I'm going to miss him so much. Da Da is going to have a big job to do, but I know he'll be great. He's one of those dads that knows how to do each and every thing that pertains to Ryder, and is probably more adament about keeping him on a schedule than I am. He's a great daddy!

Funny story: JM and I were walking out of Woman's Hospital on Monday after going to see a friends baby (congrats Melanie!!!) and JM was carrying Ryder in the carseat. We passed a guy who was probably in his early thirties and he looked down and Ryder and then at us and said, "Congratulations!" He must've thought he'd just whitnessed a world record watching me walk out of that hospital with a 20 pound baby. Being me, I didn't want to embarrass him so I just said thank you and kept walking.

One Fact Thursday
Since I won't be around a computer on Friday to share my facts (hopefully I'll be getting a good tan at the beach - a tan can make a post pregnant belly look alot better), I'll leave you with one fact today: When I was in 5th grade, which is way old enough to know better, I decided I didn't want bangs anymore. So I shaved them. Yes shaved them. With a razor. Why didn't I let them grow out? That's a good question. I guess you could say I wasn't the smartest crayon in the box, because growing them out never came to mind. I don't know why, but I just thought the only way to get rid of them was to shave them. Now we always hear about a 3 year old who cut their hair or their siblings hair, but I was in the FIFTH GRADE people.

As I have stated before, we are so blessed with a babysitter for Ryder who cares about him and loves him. Just when you think she can't be any better, she tops it! Look at these precious pictures she surprised me with. She called my mom without me knowing and asked her to come along to help keep Ryder propped up and peppy while she did a photo shoot out at the Clinton Visitor Center. She wanted to surpise me for my birthday which is 20 days away, but she couldn't wait more than 20 minutes to tell me! I'm only going to post a few, but they are just adorable.

Wearing his daddy's cowboy hat

I found these precious boots at Peppy & Posh, a consignment boutique in town.

On to our Easter festivities...

Cousins Walker, Ryder & Sellers
Reese, Ryder & Brooke - Reese wanted to know where we got our baby because she wanted one

My boys

My little family

Giving me a fake smile

My giraffe-necked dog

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