Five Fact Friday

1. I am so curious. I want to know everything about everything. Why it happened, where they were, who was involved. When we go out to eat, I get so fixed on certain people and I try to figure out their story. JM gets frustrated because he says I don’t talk to him at the table because I’m too busy trying to do this.
2. I cannot stand to waste things. Whether it be a French fry on a plate or the last drop of toothpaste in the tube, I’m going to finish it off. One particular peeve is when the cleaning ladies come to my desk and empty out the trash. I may have four pieces of paper in there and they will tie up the bag and put it in the trash pile. I finally asked them to please combine the other trash in order to save bags. At home, I search the house for anything I can throw away before I tie the bag. I will stuff it to capacity.
3. I am obsessed with recycling. I am no Leonardo DiCaprio, but I try my best to recycle. I think it kind of goes along with the “not wanting to waste things” obsession. Knowing that you can recycle newspapers, bottled waters, milk cartons and such instead of throwing them out, why wouldn’t you? This bothers me.
4. I judge a book by its cover. This also goes for gifts. I think it’s going to be the best gift if it’s in a cute box or bag and all dolled up with lots of fun ribbons and bows in all different colors. This has thrown me off at several dirty santa parties. When wrapping a gift for someone, I try to make it as flashy as possible. I hoard bows, ribbons and bags from gifts given to me, and I always reuse them for gifts and spend too much time trying to dress them up.
5. I have a very low patience level and get annoyed too easily by certain sounds. I can’t explain this, but will try. For example, the Olympics was on TV last night and I was folding clothes and listening to it in the background (not by choice). The swishing sound from the skis really started getting to me. I started to get really frustrated and slammed the clothes down that I was folding and had to leave the room to get away from the sound. I don’t know why this is, it is really strange but I can’t help it. Then, you know when you are taking a picture with a group of people and they are waiting for THREE, have you noticed how there is this awful smacking sound surrounding you while people are smiling? I can’t take it! On the other hand, there are a few sounds that I love and that could put me to sleep: The sound it makes when the lady is checking you out at the library, you know, the plastic that goes on the books. Also, when people are going through their makeup bag and also when people are going through a plastic box of crayons. Call me crazy.


  1. #1 made me laugh. That's so you. But you left out a fact... that you REMEMBER everyone you EVER went to school with. And that for #5 you love the sound of rubbing newspaper :)

  2. Hey! Didn't know you had a blog. Now I can keep up with little Ryder. He is so precious!