Dermatologist Visit and Tales from Miss B

We went to the dermatologist on Monday to figure out what is going on with Ryder's skin. He wrote a prescription for Desonide and said to use it 2x a day for 2 weeks, then only 2x a week for the next 2 weeks. We decided not to put any hydrocortosone cream on him before the appointment so the doctor could see what we were talking about. Here is a picture of what he looks like when he hasn't had the cream put on his face in only 12 hours.Pretty pitiful huh? And this picture doesn't do it justice. You should see the back of his head. What is even worse, he was crying pretty bad last night at about 11 and he never does this. He never makes a peep from 9 pm (or whenever he goes to sleep for the night), until 7 am or so when he wakes up. I went to pick him up and there was blood droplets on his sheet where his head was. I turned him around and sure enough he had scratched himself silly. I'm so ready for this to be fixed.

Wanting to look just like daddy. Aren't these adorable? $3.99!Standing up big and tall
For those who don't know this, my sister Kayla is in her last semester at Mississippi State and majoring in Elementary Education. She is student teaching in a kindergarten classroom at West Point Public Schools and graduates in May. She recently passed the Praxis II which is a really big deal because it takes alot of people several times to pass it! Please be praying for her to find a job when she graduates. With all of these state budget cuts, they are letting teachers go in many of the school systems, so I know it's going to be tough to find a job. She's not even a teacher yet and I love to hear the stories from her class. This one made me laugh especially, since I know the feeling of getting my maiden name mispronounced on many occasions.
Kayla is helping the kids sort through their Valentine's cards to put in the other student's bags and there is one left over that says Miss B on the card. Kayla knows who brought these certain cards and she asks the student who Miss B is. He said, "It's for you!" Kayla says, "Why did you put Miss B on the card?" He says, "Maaaaan, I don't know how to spell Miss Brooms and neither does my mama." - Her last name is Grooms.
I love this and I can't wait to hear the many stories that come with teaching elementary students.

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  1. brittany - he is adorable!! I know you are having so much fun with him!