Ryder turned 6 months yesterday and goes to see Dr. Penny on Thursday for his checkup, will post his stats after the appointment. JM and I, along with Payton and Jan just returned from a week-long ski trip in Breckenridge, CO. It was JM and my first time to ski and it was a blast! JM was skiing blues the second day. Me, I just stuck with the easy greens. No need in hurting myself, right? I just wanted to enjoy the ride, literally. The town was adorable and we ate and wonderful restaurants every night. One night, the guys even surprised us with a sleigh ride to dinner! So many people are freaking out that we went without Ryder...we knew he was in good hands and it was good to get away. Of course we missed him terribly and called home quite frequently, but we enjoyed the time together. When I saw him for the first time once we got home, the first thing I thought was HE'S HUGE. He looked so long. On a personal note, I was so proud to have saved enough milk for him to use the entire time we were gone, and even had some left over!

Speaking of milk, Ryder is eating four 6 oz. bottles a day and then I nurse him once or twice when I get home from work, and he has continued to sleep through the rest of the night, usually waking around 7 a.m. It is a beautiful thing. He eats a container of stage 1 babyfood mixed w/ rice cereal at 9ish and 5:30ish. This will probably increase after we see the doctor on Thursday, so we'll see.

Since I was gone on Friday, here are my facts:
1. I smell everything. The good, and unfortunately the bad. I just have to smell it. JM says I like to smell stuff so much because I can make my nostrils get really wide. Whatever.
2. Every single time I've flown over the past 2 years, which has been about 5 times, I've gotten taken aside to have my carry-on looked through. This past time they pulled out my breast pump to check for explosives.
3. I love to read. I've been reading books since I can remember. My dad is a big reader and I get it from him. I collected all the various series when I was a child, Boxcar Children, Baby Sitters Club, you name it. But I hate non-fiction books, like the self-help or money maker, or even the devotional books. I know it is terrible to say, but I just have a hard time following them. I've read every John Grisham book written (currently on Ford County) and I love a good girly novel. You know the ones based in NYC and the main character is a publicist or pr person ...those.
4. I failed my drivers test the first time. Not the written part, but the driving part. I remember like it was yesterday. He said to take a left turn at the light and instead I took a left turn into the entrance right before the light. I pulled in the lot thinking it was all over and I heard the words... You JUST failed. He rose his voice so loud on the "just". I was so mad.
5. I have worked since I was old enough to. No one asked me to work, no one made me work, I just wanted to. I've haven't been unemployed since I turned 16. In my high school years these jobs have consisted of: YMCA Cheerleader Coach to the youngins, Sno Biz and waitress at Xan's Diner. In college: MSU Cheer Camp Counselor summer after freshman year, Reed's Department Store all through college, Atvantage Title Abstract Company was my first job out of college, and now I've been at the Chamber of Commerce for 3 years. Sometimes I regret working through college because I had to work on Saturdays and over the holidays when everyone was home with their families, but I'm proud of myself for doing it when I didn't have to at all.

getting bundled up and ready to go to mrs. connie's
I love my book from papa and becca
where we found peanut when we saw us packing for the trip... in ryder's bag of clothes that are too small in his closet... shaking

hanging out with my nanni and cousin ann
dressed in my man clothes
eating dinner with my cousin sellers (9 months) WILL POST PICS OF THE SKI TRIP AS SOON AS I CAN!

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