Our First Mini-Vacay

John Michael and I were so excited to take our first little overnight trip to Birmingham to a Ryan Bingham show (Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses). JM and his friends have been to several shows over the past year, and this is the first one I've been able to go to since I'm not prego anymore. I never understood how good these shows must be for JM to leave me at home 20 and 30 weeks pregnant (ha), but now I know! We had a BLAST! These guys are really talented and I honestly can't usually listen to a cd over and over again, but this is one I can. We are looking forward to going to many more. Check out his website http://www.binghammusic.com/ to listen to some of his music. This particular night the band didn't start until 12 (of course JM heard the doors opened at 7 so that's when we got there, and the band was just pulling up and unloading their equipment). Well we ended up getting to hang out with them until they went on stage. Pretty cool night overall, I even got him to write something to Ryder.... said To Ryder, Rock & Roll. His daddy was quite proud. A few pics...

John Michael, Ryan & Will

Me & Ryan

JM and Will

Ryan, JM, random surfer who lives in Panama - yes the country (friends w/ Ryan) & myself

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