The Life of a Housewife Comes to an End...

Today is Ryder's 8 Week Birthday! This can only mean one thing... time for mommy to go back to work. Maternity leave is not what I expected. I expected lots of late sleeping, catching up on shows, shopping, getting out and about with Ryder, lots of strolls around the neighborhood, and most of all RELAXATION!!! I'm not sure any of these things happened. You just can't get out and about with a baby this age, no, not because of the germs, etc., but because you never know what the mood may be. When he was three weeks old, my mom rode with me to TJ Maxx so I could shop a bit. She offered to keep him and just let me go, but for some reason I have this weird thing with shopping by myself, but I only really like to shop with my sister (and mom) for some reason. I think I like shopping with Kayla so much because she will go anywhere and everywhere I want to go, at anytime of the day or week. And she'll always hold my stuff for me while I shop and push the buggie if we're at Target, TJ, Marshall's, or anywhere that has buggies. Anyway, back to the subject, my mom went with me and Ryder was doing so good the whole time. Then he started to get fussy and so I ran into the dressing room to change him. Well that didn't do the trick. So, my mom suggested I try to nurse him for a little while to soothe him. That was starting to work until the loud explosions came. I was SOOO embarrased. Mostly because no one knew I was in there with a baby, but the whole dang store was sure to hear these noises coming from my little baby's bottom in dressing room. Luckily, I was able to get out of the dressing room with no one waiting in line to see me, and for those who did see me, thank goodness they saw me with a baby.

Back to the maternity leave, here is what a normal day looks like for me: JM gets up for the first morning feeding which is usually between 5 & 6a.m. He tries to keep him up for about 30 min then puts him to sleep. Then, 3 hours later, around 9 am I am awakened by the cries and it's time to feed him (this child is like clockwork every 3 hours). I feed him for about 30 minutes, burp him, change him and we play on the activity gym for about 15 minutes or so. Then I'll carry him around the house while I do some picking up. Then after it's been an hour since I started feeding him, I usually put him down. Sometimes he falls right to sleep and others he cries it out for about 15 minutes. If it goes any longer than this I'll pick him up, but it usually never does. Then I do other things around the house, laundry, dishes, the usual cleaning things, then guess what? Yep, it's already 12 and time to eat again. Then I do it all over again. I am NOT complaining by any means, it's just not what I expected!

Here are a few pics of this big ole' boy. His shots are Thursday, I'm trying to prepare myself.

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