8 Week Shots... What About 'Em?

Ryder was SO good at his 8 week checkup! He weighed 12 lb. 4 oz. and was 23 1/2 inches and his head measured 40 cm. He was just so happy the entire appointment, didn't even spray the nurse this time. We just kept thinking, oh son, you don't even know what's coming. I almost wish he would've been cranky just so the shots wouldn't ruin his day. Well, here comes the needle and I'm over his head trying to talk to him and do anything I can to distract him. Shot #1, a little scream. Deeeeep breath and shot #2, another little scream. One more shot and one more scream, and this baby was quiet as a mouse! I seriously wondered if they put a little something in that shot, because he conked out! During the day he never goes more than 3 hours to eat and it had gotten to be four hours before he woke up to eat. Well, never the less, we paid for it that night.... enough said.
On another note, my first day back to work was yesterday (side note: Ryder is 9 WEEKS OLD TODAY!!) and it was much better than expected. I teared up for just a second pulling onto our babysitter's street, but once I went inside I felt alot better... that is until I realized I forgot the poor baby's milk! Thank goodness we only live a few streets over so I ran home to get it and was back in less than 3 minutes. He didn't do so well that first day, Connie said he only slept a total of about 40 minutes in the whole day. Well lucky for us, he slept 8 hours last night so things definitely worked out for us! She said he did alot better today so we'll see how tonight goes. John Michael is off tomorrow for Veteran's Day so Ryder is going to stay home with him. We'll see if he can stand one full day of "stay at home dad." I know he's going to love the cuddling time, but we'll see about all those diaper changes, clothes changes, spit ups, etc. he'll get to have fun with! I've already asked him if the house was going to be spic & span when I got home like it was the entire 9 weeks I was home... I got a polite eye roll.

I have been so lucky that both my step sister Courtney & sister in law Marlee have little boys so I got a bag full of really cute hand me downs tonight, and I had to dress Ryder in his 9 week old picture in one of them... Check it out!

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