Ryder's pronunciations make us giggle.

I told Ryder the weather would be bad this weekend.  He responds, "Are you telling me we'll be having the TARNADO weather?"

"I want a graNILLA bar for breakfast.  Hey mom what's your favorite granilla bar?"

"Mom, do I have Armor Armor clothes?  So and so has Armor Armor pants and shirts." (Don't start with the brands just yet, please).

Ryder came out of his room 5 minutes after I put him down for nap.  He was stretching and really trying to do a good acting job like he had just woken up.  He said that he just took a great nap.  I said you've only been in there for five minutes, you didn't fall asleep.  He quickly replied, "Let's get something straight. My nap is over.  Is that ok?" (That's actually not supposed to be funny, so I didn't let him see me giggle on that one.  And we talked about respecting your parents after that little comment).

He likes to begin his stories with: This might sound crazy, but (fill in the blank with some random fact that's not "crazy" in the least.  Something like, "This might sound crazy, but I'm done with my milk."  He also will say, "This might sound hilarious, but ........."

 Ryder had Olympics week at school.

He got to run the torch but since I have it on video I'm not able to upload any pictures.  Believe me, he was proud as punch!

Sack races.  His competitive streak came out during the games, good grief.

Winning his medal.

I was crazy enough to take the boys to a consignment sale that was packed to the max and had a 45 min to one hour wait in the check out line.  I am lucky to have a big boy who loves nothing more than entertaining his baby.  They made the wait enjoyable for me when it should've been the other way around.  I love these boys so much.

Rhodes is so in love with hugs.  All the time John Michael will yell out "Family Hug!!!" and the boys start running toward us and just squeeze us with all they've got.  Rhodes in his little voice will say "huuuuuuuuh" (hug) and grin so big with his arms wide open.

Later that day, it was a beautiful thing.  John Michael was away on his yearly golf trip to Birmingham and my sweet inlaws offered to keep the boys Friday night.  After I dropped them off I shopped and shopped.  Then I decided it was time for a pedicure, so I dropped by around 7 pm to do that.  Then I was hungry so I ordered a pizza and picked it up still wearing my pedi-flops.  Then I came home and laid on the couch and watched TV.  It was glorious.

Then 24 hours later I got my sweet boys back and we played and played and wore ourselves out so we would have a GOOD nights sleep!  Ryder went plucking at trees because he said I looked like I needed to be fanned off.

Little chopper practice.

Ryder made it possible for himself to check the mail.

Then once he accomplished that, he bailed.  So little Rhodes carried the chair back for mama.  My angel.

Rhodes is in and out of the doctor every few weeks for an ear infection, a cold, or just whatever he can catch.  So he knows all about what this saline spray does.  And he knows how to use it!

In the meantime, we got a picture from dad that he won the "tournament."  All it really is, is four guys who want to get together once a year and play LOTS of golf. And this year one of the guys got a trophy made that will just get passed to the winner each year.

While he was gone we made a dessert that could be considered breakfast.  Not sure which it would be better for because it's cinnamon swirl cake but it tastes just like cinnamon rolls.  We had it for both meals :)

My help.

Finished product.  Real good.

Can't pass the dollar aisle at Target without finding something we can't live without.

Chickfila with a wild crew.

 It's a children's museum staple.

Rhodes has become fascinated with books over the past couple of months.  He hasn't cared too much about them until now.  And I am loving it.

Arrrgh.  Pirate Day at school.  

I am somebody I never used to be.  I am a last minute person now.  When I worked, I was a 3 week plan ahead person.  This is probably because I had a lot more "free time" when I was a working mom (because of my particular job, let me clarify!)  Anyway, I checked the calendar on Wednesday to see that Pirate Day was the next day.  Where do you buy costumes in March?  Always check the party aisle at Target! (ok, maybe I spend too much time at Target).  Found a pack of 10 eye patches and a pirate hat.  So we had some left over to play dress up with at home.

Two hours out and about, alone!!!

I couldn't break Rhodes away from my salad for bath time.  He hauled it all the way to the bathroom.  My boy loves lettuce!!!  Ryder is appalled by lettuce.  Or anything healthy for that matter.

Dads are way more fun than moms it seems.  I'm not sure I'm strong enough to do the helicopter.  But if I was, I would collapse from shortness of breath after one spin.

Sometimes I let Ryder ride in the front seat while we are in the neighborhood.  Sue me.

I've enjoyed some good alone sun time here recently while the boys nap (well mostly Rhodes).  I only got up to refill my water when someone had taken over my spot.

Ryder and his vocabulary again.  He said "let's sit down and chill-ax."  Chillax you say?

Ryder has started tball back up.  This year is slightly better than last year.  He's one year older, at least...

Dad's who coach their own children (and children who aren't just gung-ho over the game) deserve extra points.  Oh my!!!

Wednesday I took Rhodes to the ENT.  The same one who did Ryder's tubes.  Rhodes has had seven ear infections and quite frankly I'm tired of them.  And I know he's got to be.  While I was there I figured I would mention that he's not a huge talker.

Well I'm glad I did.  The doctor suggested we do a hearing test just to see.  Turns out Rhodes is considered deaf (not truly deaf, but on the level of someone who is deaf), due to all the fluid in his ears that won't clear with medicine alone.  In the words of his doctor, his hearing is absolutely terrible.  Perfect hearing scores a zero.  Hearing next to nothing scores a 30.  Rhodes scored a 42.  Dr. Reed asked me to plug my ears as tight as I could while he continued to talk.  I could hear a little bit of noise, but it was extremely muffled and I certainly couldn't make out what he was saying.  He said that was equivalent to a "30."  And Rhodes scored a 42???

It's confusing to me because Rhodes follows instructions pretty well.  And he can say 20+ words.  Might as well document them (golf cart, car, cow, dog, mickey mouse, juice, milk, hug, shirt, socks, shoes, school, ryder, all grandparents names, mama, daddy, teeth, eyes, nose, snack, eat, water, etc.  Now, let me follow that by saying they are NOT pronounced like they are supposed to be!  They sound a little odd and probably only John Michael and I know what he is saying. So either he learned these words during the time he was on his antibiotics for his ear infections and his ears were actually clear, or he's just picked them up when he's been in my lap and I've been talking in his ear.  I really don't know.  Either way, I am so glad we figured this out before it could've gotten worse.  He's 20 months old and if it would've gone any further, who knows how long it would have taken him to catch up on his vocab.

His tubes are scheduled for next Friday (April 11) and I am hoping and praying that this will fix him.

Ryder typically gets up before anybody else in the house.  Not long after he wakes up, Rhodes is hollering too.  Our morning usually goes like this... JM and I are rushing to get ready in the bathroom and the boys are out in the living room drinking milk and watching TV, waiting on one of us to come in and fix them breakfast.  Friday morning Ryder and Rhodes came in while we were getting ready.  Ryder had a gigantic grin on his face and said that we didn't need to worry about feeding Rhodes breakfast, because he went ahead and fed him (???) Then he proudly announced that he opened a sucker for Rhodes for breakfast.  I tell you, Rhodes is so spoiled by that brother of his.

Ryder's squinty cheesing eyes melt me.

Ryder had to to miss his BFF Gaines' birthday party his weekend so I knew I had to do something to make it up to the both of them.  So I took them out for pizza last week.


Then Gaines came to spend the night.  It was big time for these two.  While they were playing outside when we got home, Ryder found a worm that he couldn't part with.  It was only later (bed time) that he  informed me Mr. Worm was tucked safely in the pocket of his shorts.

I don't do worms.

Only boys think it's fun to fill their shoes up with sand.  That sounds like a terrible idea to me!

I didn't think I would ever get them to wind down.  But finally after lots of back scratching and lullabies, at 9:45 I heard the sweet sound of heavy breathing.

The next morning they both came shuffling in our bedroom justa talking to eachother and rubbing their eyes and yawning.  They announced they were starving and ready for breakfast!  They watched a little iPad while I made pancakes.  Birthdays call for pancakes.

Of course they were just so famished, but I had to peel their eyes away from the TV when it was time to eat!

Full bellies, full hearts, these boys had a great spend the night party together.

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