Egg Overload

ONCE AGAIN I have taken too many pictures and taken too long to blog, so this will be more of a photo recap post.  

Sellers was in town a couple weeks ago and Ryder showed him how to go down and feed the fish in the pond behind our house.

Layla turned one!  So glad Meg had a party for her here so we could all see her and help her celebrate her birthday.

And why haven't I ever bought these before?  Think they are called uncrustables or something?  PB&J sandwiches already made.  Will be buying these in bulk next time I go to the store.

That afternoon was the Wilson family crawfish boil.

The cookers

The lookers

The ice cream hogs

The family

The cousins and their other halfs.

Rhodes lovin those selfies with Brooke

I was real shocked when Rhodes fell asleep in the cart at Target.  Ryder wasn't asleep, he was just probably closing his eyes trying to imagine he was anywhere else but Target.

Ryder couldn't believe it either.

I don't even know how this went on for so long.

We had a little surprise party for Maghen's 30th birthday.  Always fun to have an excuse to visit!

Doing what they do best.

Smiles and full bellies from Chickfila with Papa.

My dad (Papa) took the boys to Chickfila so John Michael and I could go play tennis but after four different locations we couldn't find anything open.  It was a total fail.  But at least the boys got something out of it.

Ryder's class took a field trip to the zoo, to ride the train only.

For dinner and partly Lindsey's birthday, the two of us and our four boys went out for pizza while our hubs fished.  Lucky for Ryder and Levi, the Easter bunny was there.  Not lucky for all the families trying to enjoy a nice quiet meal because these two were acting like they were in Disneyworld.

Rhodes got his tubes last Friday.  Everything went great.  The doctor said that his blockage was worse than it was at his appointment 2 weeks prior.  He said Rhodes' ears were at 100% fluid (was about 85% at the appointment).  In other words, he wasn't hearing jack!!!

Ready to get this show on the road and get our ears back!

He's had tubes for a little over a week and I can definitely tell a difference.  He's saying alot more and seems to be able to communicate and understand us so much better.  He's also a much happier baby!  We were having a time there for a couple months where he would just scream and throw fits lots and lots throughout the day.  I was seriously feeling like I was going to lose my mind.  But over the past week things have calmed down alot here at the Wilson house.  Between the tubes and the prayers from my mom and dad who allowed me to let my frustrations out to them, things are looking up!!!

The new cute thing Rhodes does is to bring us something that is in a package, like candy, food, etc. and say open it, open it.  But it comes out like "ohminit, ohminit."  It's precious.  I love how he's finding his words how.

Couldn't believe how well Rhodes came out of anesthesia.  They usually wake up so fussy!  We drove through chickfila and got this sweet boy some chicken biscuits and fruit.

Todd planned a surprise 30th birthday for Lindsey at Jaco's Tacos.  So many birthdays recently.  Me and my backseat partner, Layla got to catch up on life as you can see.

The crew.  Happy Birthday Lindsey!

While we were there, CC and Poppy took the boys to an Easter gathering at my aunts house.

I was in a hurry to get them out the door and didn't have time to argue with Ryder about his choice of fashion.  I tell you what, it was a great decision I made to quit stressing over what my kids wear and what they spill on their clothes!

Fun with KK

They got to spend the night and read books with Poppy!

Saturday morning we got to shower Anna Terrell. 

I've got some great inloves.

Orange monster teeth game.  A bathtime favorite.

Wow.  We are so Blessed.

Rhodes finds the oddest ways to ride our trucks, bikes and anything with wheels.

Pre-Easter party pictures

Egg hunt at the park.

Glad I got to sneak this little hug.  Ryder asked me not to put my arm around him for this picture!

Rhodes kept a death grip on his Easter basket when I picked him up from school.  I couldn't even budge it when he conked out in the car.

Some mornings I like to set my alarm clock for 5 a.m. and go wake Rhodes up so we can watch the sunrise together!!! Said no mom ever...

This guy.  We went to Walmart so I could get some plants and of course Ryder was ticked because he hates Walmart, Target, any of these places.  I told him he could spend some of his piggy bank money to get anything he wanted and of all things in Walmart, he picked a cactus plant.  I tried to talk him out of it but he wouldn't budge.  He said he'll use it as a shield and he will keep it on his nightstand and poke bad guys if they break in.  Silly fella.

Friday afternoon we had a egg hunt with all of my girlfriends.  Rhodes fell asleep on the way there and I just laid him down on Maghen's bed while we continued the party.  Couldn't believe he slept like that in her bright room and with all the noise from everyone.

Luckily he woke up in a good mood (this is very rare) but he just clung to me for a good 30 minutes and was not a bit interested in hunting eggs.  Hence the one egg in his basket :)

After we took this picture we told Ryder to put some eggs in two of the little one's baskets since they didn't have much.  He said OK!  Then he went around picking a couple eggs out of each basket to add to theirs.  Not from his own!  Stingy little thing!

So blessed by these friendships.  Twenty years with these girls!

Saturday morning we did the egg hunt at Nanni and Grandaddy's church.

Rhodes participated a little better in this hunt.  Except he would pick up eggs and put them in everyone else's basket.  Ryder needs to take a little lesson from him.

Our fabulous family photo!

One of Rhodes' favorite animals to say, Cow.

Saturday night we got ready to kick off mom/George's Easter.  They were gracious enough to watch all 6 kids while we went out to eat for some adult time.

And then finally, after all the egg hunts in the world, it was actually EASTER DAY!!!

The guys took turns shooting at some snakes in the pond.


Easter 2014 has come to an end.  I am so thankful to be part of a family who as a whole celebrates our Risen Lord and Savior.  

And on another note, anyone need any candy-filled eggs?  Between the 10 egg hunts we attended, we could host a city-wide egg hunt at our house next year!!!  Help!  I have a bathing suit to get into people!

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