Jesus Has Huge Ears

Mr. Will was trying his best to get Ryder on the 9 yr old level.

Ryder thought he was something BIG having this spend the night company!

And little Miss Reese was babysitter of the year!

We had a great night catching up with the Ketchum's!

I got a lot of girl time in with this one.

Rhodes has enjoyed late night quality time here recently.  He was so tired he was drinking his milk and loudly snoring simultaneously.  At midnight. 

Ryder takes 3.5 hour naps.  Most days I wake him up so that he will go to sleep at night.  I adore the first 30 minutes after he wakes up.  All he wants to do is snuggle me.

Ryder goes through stages with his animals.  He's currently hooked on Scout and Scout goes where we go.  Seatbelt and all.  

Celebrating Papa's birthday.  Boys loved some piano.

Happy birthday to Papa!

Rhodes is nonstop.  And by the way, nobody in my house calls him Rhodes except for me.  John Michael goes with Rhodesy and Ryder goes with Ro-eee.  Poor Ro-Ro.

He does not stop.  He's never ever satisfied with anything he does.  He's all over the place!!!!!!

Last weekend John Michael and I went on vacation to the beach.

We got to visit with Brooke and Stewart while we were there.

Weather was perfect.  Perfect, perfect, perfect.

This is probably the best beach read ever.  I loved it.  It's not really a wedding book contrary to the cover.  

We never even got in our car.  We just rented bikes and rode around.  Well, I rented a trike.  I was a tad embarrassed at first, being that I was the only person under 65 who was triking around.

We stayed in Seagrove, it's about a mile from Seaside.  To us, it was a perfect area because it's not as congested as Seaside but just close enough.  It's about 5 minutes from Rosemary and 15 minutes from Sandestin.  Great location.

 I believe this is #3 of the 3 times we ate at Bud and Alley's.

Stealing some shade.

Breakfast at The Perfect Pig.  Hands down the most beautifully decorated restaurant I've ever been.

Isn't she pretty?

After breakfast we went for a jog.  Ouch!

Then indulged on pizza at the beach.  Yum to the tum.

QT!  That would be short for quality time, not cutie.

Biking to dinner.

After three glorious nights and four wonderful days, we returned to the real world. And took the boys to hit up the pizza buffet.  

Later on, Rhodes tripped over the water hose and had his first bloody nose.  It doesn't take that sweet baby long to recover though.  He's a trooper.

And to wrap it up, I'll share one of Ryder's entertaining stories.  The other day he asked me if Jesus could hear everything we said.  I told him yes.  He got a kick out of that and exclaimed, "Jesus must have some HUGE ears!  

And that's my latest.

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