Ryder turns Four - Cowabunga Dude!

Where to even start on this four year old love of my life (one of them at least).  While none of us on this earth are perfect, but this little boy is so perfect for ME that it isn't even funny.  I never miss a day letting him know how proud he makes me, how much I love him, how sweet he is and what a good little boy he is.  He always smiles and gives me a hug and tells me thank you when I commend him.  He loves when my toenails are painted and when my hair is in a ponytail.  Each night when it's time for bed he'll look at us both and say, "ok let me pick." But we always know he picks mama.  I think he picks me because I stay in there longer and give him good back scratches.  But what I love is that sometimes he scratches my back too!  I love that he says that his hair is "loopy" instead of curly.  He's naturally social, loves to learn and has a tender heart.  He's taught me more than I remember learning in school.  I'm serious.  He reminded me that Pluto isn't considered a planet anymore and he reminds me to turn off the lights when we leave because it saves energy.  He fights his afternoon nap like no other, but once he gives in, he's out for three hours and I love crawling in bed with him once Rhodes is down for a nap and just smelling his sweet skin and his loopy hair.  He likes to work and actually asks for chores.  He talks to Jesus and understands what it means to tithe.  If his daddy is working in the yard, he wants to go out and help, but only if he can wear the same outfit and hat.  He's affectionate but he's also tough.  He's far from aggressive but he's got a smart mouth on him!  It's okay though, he makes me laugh every day at the things he says.  Let's just hope he loses that smart mouth by the time he gets a little older.  He's still got a full blown lisp and it melts my heart.  It's the only thing that makes it seem like he's still my baby.

Since Ryder's 4th birthday was on a Sunday, I tried to make things fun all weekend.  Friday we got a snocone.  I let him choose the flavor and he said he wanted green and red.

Sunday morning cinnamon rolls and four candles.

Sunday morning Ryder let everyone, and I mean everyone at church know it was his birthday.

He had a Ninja Turtle party at the Children's Museum.  And ok, I'm guilty when it comes to a theme.

Cookie Cake.  Much easier than a regular cake, especially since all the kids ever eat is the cake icing anyway!

Turtle Shells
(bagel bites)

Sewer Lids (oreos)

Pretzel Sticks (Ninja Swords)

Shredder's Cheddar
(Cheeseball Puffs)

Oooze Juice
(green koolaid)

Favors - Ninja Turtle fruit snacks
"Thanks for 'Shell-abrating' with me!"

Just a few of the hundreds of funny comments Ryder makes everyday:

  • We have an ant issue.  I told him not to drop his waffle on the floor because ants love syrup. He replied, "but if ants get in the syrup, won't they get stuck? 
  • During his prayers the other night, he asked Jesus if he could be brown.
  • When I asked him to look at me while I was talking to him (instead of the TV), he said, "I have two eyes, one is looking at you and one is looking at the TV!  smart aleck!!!
  • He's in a good habit of getting up every night around 2 am.  When I asked him why this keeps happening he said, "if the conscrunction worker would've just put both of our beds in the same room I wouldn't have to get up and come in your room every night!
Ryder, you have such a special heart.  You look out for your buddies, you have a smile that melts the earth and you always have to be right.  (I know where you get the last thing).  I am SO glad you are mine.  

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