Labor Day and Such

The lawn mower blades needed a little sharpening.  These contraptions are like magnets to little boys.

I made a nice italian bread crumb chicken tender dinner.  And lima beans.  Ryder refused to eat the "crusty chicken."

Still refusing dinner and I told him no dessert.

Since his life is incomplete without dessert, he decided to give dinner a shot.

Mustering a swallow.  That was the only bite he took.  He still got dessert as an A for effort.

I got Rhodes all registered for Mother's Morning Out last week.

Then we had a little lunch at Chickfila which isn't complete without a balloon.

My sweetheart.

This one was apologizing to the dead grandaddy long legs for stomping and killing him.

I'm happy to sit back and watch.

We bought ingredients for a homemade pizza awhile back.  I checked the expiration date of the dough and made the executive decision that we better get to baking or throwing it out.  Ryder wanted to make a picture on the pizza he said.

While I was spreading it out something about it gave me a glimpse of the state of Mississippi so with our first game being the next day, I thought it might be a cute idea to make a MSU pizza.

I sprinkled a little garlic salt and italian seasoning on the crust and then Ryder added the pizza sauce and cheese.

I had to fight Ryder for the MSU pepperoni's because he was determined to make a smiley face.  We compromised when I told him he could make the smile part (the "U")

Ta-Daaaaa!!!  It was a couple dollars more to make than to buy, but I thought it was so much better.  And fun too!

My little Rhodes gets asked several times a day if he's crying because he always has a baby tear running down his cheek.  No, he's a happy baby.  He's just got a clogged tear duct and that makes his eye run.  If this doesn't correct on its own by one year, you are referred to an opthamologist.  So we went for our visit and he look and said that yes, Rhodes' tear duct is definitely clogged and at this point doesn't look like it will resolve on its own.  So he has to have a procedure next week to fix the problem.    I'm not excited about my 13 month old being put under anesthesia but it is what it is.  Prayers please.

And you know Ryder had to steal the show while we were there.  When the doctor listed to Rhodes' heart he looked over at Ryder and said, "now these are my listeners!"  Ryder said, "I thought that was called a stethoscope!"  Don't bother dumbing it down for this one.

After the appointment we met some friends at the zoo.

It was Rhodes' first time.  He wasn't real impressed but neither was I.  There were about four animals who showed themselves.

Thank goodness for the splash pad though.
Rhodes and Cale

The big boys were tuckered out.
Canon and Ryder

Saturday was the big first game of the year.  Ryder got this chair for his first birthday and Rhodes looks just like him sitting in it.

I tell you, it's nice just watching the game from our own house now that we've got two kiddos in tow.

We had several friends over to eat and watch the game.  Rhodes took straight to Mr. Chris.

Noah and Porter

Aunt Kayla came over, fun!

Rhodes, Tate, Noah, Porter and Emerson

Mmmm Mmmm shirtless and ice cream sandwich time.

They figured out it was cooler under the porch, especially if they could watch Mickey Mouse too.

Sweet, sweet Porter.

Cookin' up some dinner for our guys.

The girls, and Tate :)

My sissy

Scrub-a-dub-dub with the babies.
Tate, Emerson and Rhodes.

That night, Ryder had his first spend the night company.

As you can tell, Ryder was thrilled with the sleeping arrangements.

After they came out of Ryder's room about 3 times, I decided it was high time to separate them because I was not going to be up all night.  So Gaines went to the guest room and Ryder stayed in his room.  Sometime in the night Ryder came and got in bed with us.  The next morning, here is Gaines coming in to wake Ryder up.  He was not interested.

He sat up and said, "Mornin' Gaines"

And flopped back down.
He's like his mama.  Don't wake us up!!!

The next day we went for a dove hunt get together in Vaughan and after Ryder's wild spend the night party he was beyond conked out on the way home.

Rhodes was tired too.  So much that he couldn't even lift his hands to hold that milk.

Labor Day Monday!  Lot's of chillin out.

Until we get a two seater, we'll rig it right up.

Rhodes started Mother's Morning Out the next day.

Ryder was trying to be so helpful by keeping him still for a picture.

Also on this day was Ryder's first show and tell.  It was for the letter "L" and I'll admit I totally forgot about it until that morning.  I told Ryder it was show and tell day for L and asked him what we could take.  I didn't want to do it for him, but I also needed us to hurry and figure it out because we were running late.  He came up with two options on his own that I was very proud of.  His first answer was a leaf.  But then he decided on a lincoln log, so that's what he took.  After I picked him up I loved hearing what everyone else brought.  He's growing up so fast.

Rhodes loved MMO, which was no surprise to me.

I'm trying to get him to look at himself on my phone to take us a little first day selfie, but he's too busy looking over there at all the toys.

I'm so thankful for an easy drop off.

His daily report was happy too.

The only negative is that they sleep on mats on the floor with 8 other screaming kids.  How do they sleep?  Rhodes doesn't, that's for sure.  They said he slept about 30 minutes (normally sleeps 2 hours) so he got a nice, long nap when he got home.  So good that he was a mess when he woke up.  I'm not sure he's ever been that exhausted.

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