My little sister is married!


Not so exciting the next morning when I had to wake up and stare at this.

John Michael kept the boys outside playing on their toys while I unpacked.

Rhodes is so mobile.

My sweet neighbor kept Rhodes while I got unpacked.  Her daughter was in Ryder's MDO class so they are already big buds.

Then she sent me home with home cooked dinner and my other sweet friends brought me housewarming gifts too :)

A few days after moving in was Kayla and Bennett's rehearsal dinner!

My handsome date.

Kayla's bridesmaids

The next morning my friends and their babies came over to see the house and eat lunch.  So happy to get all the babies together under one roof.

I had to do a last minute try-on for the boys' wedding outfits, I was a bit fearful but everyone squeezed in just fine.

The rehearsal dinner was on a Thursday so Friday night all the girls spent the night at Kayla's and went to the wedding venue together Saturday morning.  Bright and early at Cotton Market for all the girls to start getting ready.

My sweet Maghen did Kayla's hair and makeup and served as wedding director.

If you know Kayla, the mascara Maghen put on her was not enough, so she had to reload.

Then my other sweet Kristen came early and served as wedding director too.  They did great, you should hire them for your wedding :)

Mom and Bennett hanging out before the wedding.

Just some of the cute decor that they made all by themselves.

Loved Ryder's ring bearer sign that she made.

Look at that dress!!!

I'm so proud of my boys.

Dad, JM and George hanging out before the wedding.

Rhodes and Papa

Poppy and Ryder - Poppy did a fabulous job singing in the wedding!

Nanni and Rhodes.  Big thank you to Nanni and Grandaddy for chasing our boys around at the wedding and reception and taking them home early for us!

Grandaddy, Nanni and Rhodes

Sweet friends passing Rhodes around.


My aunts, Mona, Jackie and Beth.

My bff's who came to the wedding, thanks girls!

Dad and Morgan

Michael, Mallory and Hunter - some crazy Henry boys.

How typical to get a photo during our bathroom run.

Beautiful mother of the bride!

Some of us who hung til the bitter end.  Fun had by all!!!

The MOST beautiful bride I've ever seen!

Connie took all of Kayla's wedding photos (not the ones above, those are from my phone) and she did an amazing job, I mean amazing!!!

That Monday was memorial day, which can't be celebrated without the Fyke's... and watermelon.

Tuesday was the first of many Tuesday fun days since Maghen is off work that day, it's going to be a weekly gathering.

Devin and Porter joined us too at the splash pad, good catch up chats for the mommies and good wear 'em out time for Ryder and Swayze.

Ryder is really over Rhodes' recent mobility.  He's not completely excited about having to share everything that Rhodes climbs on or in.

As hard as it is to take both boys to Walmart, or anywhere like that, I actually prefer it.  It makes my shopping trips much more enjoyable with the good company.

As miserable as both boys look, we actually had a very pleasant trip.  Ryder wouldn't let me put anything straight into the cart, everything had to go through him and he put it where he wanted it to go. I think I'm going to be in trouble with this one.  OCD to the max!!!

Then, as I was pulling out of my parking spot I got smashed in the side.  I was already all the way out in the aisle putting my car in drive and the girl backed straight into me.  It's ok, nobody was hurt although it did knock the breath out of me for a second there.  So what turned into a nice shopping trip turned into another hour of waiting on police, police reports, etc.

But, that can't stop me from running my errands.  Next stop was to Home Depot to get some organization bins for the play room.  Ryder was all over this project, separating everything into it's own bin.  Each one consists of legos, mega blocks, train sets, coloring stuff, toys with wheels, baby toys, etc.  There are 8 of them and they have made me more sane.  Ryder was very involved and when I told him to take a break he refused until his project was complete.

Saturday night I returned the favor to my neighbors for helping me so much with Ryder while we got situated and had them over to grill burgers.

I have had JM doing a lot of hanging of mirrors, curtains, etc around the house and he's got his own little math routine to get things lined up evenly.  I like to eye ball it, but that's just me.  He's been using this pencil to mark the walls and don't you know Ryder has been paying attention.

Ryder's favorite game of hide and go seek has gone to the next level in the new house.  There are so many new places he has to hide now he just can't get enough!

Worst scenario ever!  Both conked out when we pulled into the neighborhood.  What to do, what to do?

My cheeser

Enjoying fresh air - the absolute best thing about this house - having a back yard again!!!

Rhodes has never seen the outdoors so much as he has the past two weeks.  He's soaking it up for sure!

Rhodes turned 10 months on May 19 which was the weekend we moved so he didn't get an update.

  • At his recent doctor appointment he was 21 lb. 8 oz.
  • He has had 3 ear infections
  • He has 2 top teeth and 3 bottom teeth
  • wearing 12-18 month clothing
  • pulls up and glides along the couch or anything he can glide along
  • very mischievous little thing
  • He's scared of nothing.  I thought he knocked out his top teeth twice in the past couple days from just falling face first from whatever he's trying to climb up on.
  • I would describe him as a rough and tumble little guy
  • He still wants to be Ryder's right hand man
  • He goes to bed 7-730 and wakes up around 630
  • He takes 4 bottles a day (6oz) and eats baby food 3 times a day and usually has yogurt for snack in the afternoon.  The only non mashed up foods he has eaten are crackers, mandarin oranges, bananas, and pears.
  • Size 4 diapers
  • He's all smiles 90% of the time, soooo sweet too
Now.  I think I am somewhat caught up on my blogging and I hope to goodness I don't get that behind again.  I was a little overwhelmed and truthfully dreaded catching up but now I'm relieved it's all done.  And now I have about 3 weeks worth of blog reading to catch up on, so all my blog friends, I am so behind on your life!  

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