The last birthday in my twenties

Rhodes has been screaming bloody murder when it's time for bed the past several nights.  I noticed he had another bottom tooth break through, that's got to be what it was.

And he's crawling!  Went from rocking back and forth on all fours to full out crawling.  No scooting or "worming" but just plain crawling with those hands and knees.  Such a cutie.

Early morning grocery shopping is the way to go.  Small crowd.

Oh my goodness what an angel!

Rhodes' baby dedication.

Proud family dedicating our baby to the Lord!

Absolute perfection!!!


My 29th birthday was Saturday but John Michael was out of town all weekend so Thursday night we went out for an early birthday dinner.

And he gave me some sweeeeeet gifts!  Something called the "Getaway" from Aqua the day Spa and then a gift card for shopping at Renaissance so I'll just plan a full day of ME ME ME!!!

Dinner at Ruth's Chris - hands down the best steak I've ever had.  And the best dinner company too.

John Michael left for a guys golf trip to Birmingham early Friday morning.

I told him the day before he left the only thing I ask is that he fill my car up before he goes.  Whoops, forgot.  So I sent him this picture saying, "forget something?"

Ryder thinks he's half construction worker.  He wanted to wear his "work hat" (tractor supply hat) and when we pulled up they were forming the driveway.  He walked over to the non-english speaking workers asking them all about our driveway and when it was going to be done.

Tickle Tickle

Myself, Ryder and Rhodes had plans to travel to Starkville Saturday morning for a big day there.  My mom and George were going up Friday with cousin Sellers so they asked if they could take Ryder too.  I thought that might be a good idea since I had to get out the door at 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning, figured it was more likely I would be on time with just one child.  So Ryder had his first sleepover with his cousins!

My mom sent me pictures of the boys enjoying their night together, which was also cousin Tucker's 3rd birthday!

Saturday morning Rhodes woke up at 5:45 so since I was up I decided we should just go ahead and get ready and go.  We still didn't make it out the door until 7, but it was earlier than it would've been.  Rhodes slept the entire way, thankfully.  I was worried about having to pull over on deserted Hwy 25 and give him a bottle.  Since he only takes a bottle that is somewhere between warm and downright hot, that would've been an issue.

Tucker's party was at a Starkville Gym and there was all kind of fun jumpy contraptions all over the place.

 On our way home we went to Meg's to meet Layla Belle, what a treat!  She's too sweet.  Fun catching up with Meg too.  I stayed as long as I could keep those boys of mine under control.

When we got home Ryder made me a birthday cake topped with sprinkles (puffs) and candles (crayons).

My sister didn't want me to be alone on my birthday so she so graciously came over and spent the night with us.  We also marked a lot of items off her wedding to-do list which was nice.

So glad she was there Sunday morning to help me get these two out the door on time.

I normally feed Rhodes his baby food on the floor because I just like to.  Things are getting out of control and he can't stay still, it's nearly impossible.  So I pulled out this portable chair we have.  Hmmmm.... don't think he liked being contained like this.

It drives John Michael crazy that I feed him on the floor instead of his highchair.  I told him he was welcome to feed Rhodes in the highchair anytime!

He got home from his trip around 5:00 Sunday night and we missed him!

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