Weekend Highlights

Ryder calls Rhodes sweetie.  "Hey sweetie, come here sweetie..."

When we get home from school/work Rhodes usually takes a nap and Ryder and I get some one-on-one time.  Most of the time he is begging to watch TV.  Sometimes I give in so I can relax and catch up on my reading.  As long as we're snuggling, I still consider it special time together.

Rhodes doesn't usually nap real long...

Friday night we cooked out with friends.  Rhodes fell asleep on the way over there and slept the entire time.  Easy peasy!  Tate and Emerson were conked out too.  We've got some good babes.

The guys were probably trying to get away from our blabbing.

The big boys were entertained with snacks and TV

Guess he ate too many snacks.  The next morning Ryder walked out of his room and stared at me with this blank pale face.  Then he started gagging.  I swooped him up and ran into the bathroom and he threw up.  It was over in an instant.  No clue what that was all about.

I left Rhodes on the bed because I was in a panic.  Thank gosh he didn't roll off.  When I came back he was still in this position, mesmerized by the TV like somebody else I know.

Ryder was fine, thank goodness, so I was able to go to Miss Charlotte Sisson's Sip and See!

Courtney, me, Mama Mandy and Meg with Charlotte

After the Sip and See me and Meg took a road trip to Hattiesburg to see Mister Porter!

So good to catch up with Devin and meet precious Porter and so good to spend 4 hours in the car with Meg catching up.  Win-Win!

While I was gone for the day JM took the boys to Vaughan with him while he went hunting.  Nanni got them both to nap amidst the excitement.

Rhodes' poor skin

Sunday at church Ryder wanted to help daddy pass out bulletins.

After church Kayla and Papa came over to visit.

Monday was freezing and we got out the ole' bear hat and claws.

And that was our weekend.  Stay tuned for an exciting update!

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