Tasty Toes

We started off New Year's Eve right with a visit to see my little Noah.  I was under the weather the day he was born so I couldn't visit in the hospital.  I was so ready to get my hands on him!

Can't believe Lindsey pushed out this 9 lb 3 oz chunk of love!

Ryder and Levi were oblivious to the new baby in the house.

Ryder was so excited to pick out Levi a big brother shirt, doesn't he look proud?

Now I've just got to get to Hattiesburg to meet my other little baby, Porter Lane!  Love this picture of one of my favorite families, the Banchero's - who also are bloggers now :)
photo by Cherished Memories Photography

Lookie that baby!

After our visit with the Fyke's, we went to grill hamburgers at Melanie and Steve's.  Rhodes was a party pooper, he conked out right in my arms.

Meanwhile, the big boys enjoyed their first time with fireworks.  They threw pop rocks and waved sparklers.

I was a nervous wreck with those sparklers, you just can't be too careful!

 When Emerson woke up from her nap, so did Rhodes.

"Hey - ya'll told me I couldn't fall out of this thing."

We made it home around 9:15 and Ryder was ready to ring in the new year in our bed.  I'm not sure what he was on, but he was doing flips on the bed, he made up some sort of song and dance, and kept roaring at us as if he were some type of bear or lion.

I  absolutely 100% did not want to be celebrating New Year's Eve anywhere but with my family.  It was perfect.

 Poor Rhodes and his excema.  This is his back.

It's so sad when he starts scratching and trying to get to his spots he can't reach.

Over the holidays we rode out to the lot. It was windy and I forgot a hood for Rhodes.  Daddy's hunting toboggan worked just fine.

New Year's Day was a wet one.  Ryder has been asking for a new rain coat for awhile now and I found one on a winter clearance sale and snagged it.  He was quite proud.

We remembered to bundle Rhodes up better before going out this time.  Such a snuggle boogie.

My mom has been in Greenville with my grandmother, and then my grandmother had to be brought to Jackson by ambulance so my mom has been at the hospital with her.  She was missing her grandsons so I thought we would make a special visit to see her while she was home.  Ryder wanted to show her how he can hold Rhodes "all by himself."

CC and her boys snuggling

We have a new family photographer.  Ryder.  He has discovered the camera on my phone.  I went through and deleted over 100 pictures he took.  He took a picture of every single thing in our house, down to a raisin that was dropped on the floor.  So here is one of his prized photos.
I cannot get over the way Rhodes just falls asleep in my arms in the middle of chaos.  Both John Michael and I crack up when we see pictures of children fall asleep in the middle of the floor, in their high chairs while eating, etc.  We have never understood this because Ryder's hyper-ness is all we've ever known.  Ryder has never, ever, not once, fallen asleep anywhere but his bed and his carseat on a long drive.  None of this falling asleep on the couch, on the floor, in the high chair, in our arms or in the stroller business.  Rhodes on the other hand, I think we've got us one of those babies!

More of Ryder's photography skills.  As I was going through his "portfolio" I found a few keepers.

Another copyright image by Ryder of Mr. Tasty Toes

Don't let Ryder catch you rocking Rhodes to sleep without him.  Or else...

Old news, but couldn't leave it out:  The boys had Christmas pictures made at school back in November.  Here are a few:

photos by Cherished Memories Photography

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