No Thanksgiving Left Behind

We are so thankful here at the Wilson household.  We got to visit with all of our family over the Thanksgiving holidays, gobble on great food and we won the egg bowl!  I guess it would now be appropriate to document each Thanksgiving feast:

THANKSGIVING #1: Our house with my dad, Becky and Kayla

THANKSGIVING #2 Greenville at my grandmother's

My pretty mom and her pretty sisters

My mom with most of her brothers and sisters, two brothers weren't there

After a disastrous 2 hour ride to Greenville, as soon as we pulled into town, we went straight to Walmart and bought a DVD player for the ride home.  Unfortunately, it was Thanksgiving Day instead of Black Friday, so we could've probably gotten it for 1/2 the price the next morning.  But desperate times call for desperate measures.

THANKSGIVING #3 in Clinton at Mom and George's. 

The kids did not wear Christmas PJ's to this event, but we did get pictures of them dressed up so we could have them out for Christmas.
This was not an easy task.  We wanted to surprise the grandparents but with all the ruccus, they came in and busted us!

Next, we headed up to Vaughan so JM could hunt with his dad.  When we pulled onto their road, I noticed that JM started to slow down.  I asked why we were slowing down, and told me that when him and Ryder come to Vaughan and they get to their road, he gets Ryder out of the seat so he can "see the cows."  Oooooook?

The next morning, we started to decorate.

He just stares at the tree and says HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT

I tried to teach him about Elf on the Shelf

When he sees a Santa hat, he says Ho Ho Ho (sounds more like hah hah hah)

Next, to decorate outside and put our wreaths on the doors.

Once we got back inside, we finished decorating the smaller tree that goes in the kitchen.  Didn't take him long...

Ryder's favorite thing to do right when we walk in the house is to walk over to the tree and turn it on with the clicker.  He grins ear to ear, he loves it!

Now, to continue with Thanksgiving. 

THANKSGIVING #4 - Sunday we went to Benton to JM's Aunt Kathy's.

Ryder and his 2nd cousins

And that wraps it up!  We are so blessed to have so much family to visit during the holidays.

Saturdays have seemed to turn into family fun days lately, and I'm a'liking it!  Last Saturday was chosen as Zoo Day.  It was fun, but I'm a bit concerned about these animals, are they sedated?  They all just laid around like a bump on a pickle.  How boring!!!  But Ryder did enjoy the monkeys (ah ah ah ah ah) and the birds (buuuuuuuhh).

He was pointing at the flamingos, he thought they were funny looking.

Fearless.  If they weren't in a cage, Ryder would've started pecking at them.

He loved to pet the alligater

We ended the night watching the Egg Bowl - Go Dawgs!

He was less interested in the game, and more interested in his book.  Go figure.

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  1. Wow! Y'all were super busy! Looked like fun :)