One Hundred

Last weekend, while Nanni and I shopped at Mistletoe, John Michael took Ryder to Vaughan to help Grandaddy do some work around the farm.  Ryder's not a bit scared of the cows.

When we got home we built a fire and Ryder really wanted to help.  Actually, he would have it no other way.

When he wouldn't quit running up and trying to swat at the fire (fearless child), we had to put an end to it and put it out.  Sorry Ryder.

Oh please, he forgot all about it.

Then, we came inside to warm up and practice guitar.

And play under the coffee table. 
Never fails, Ryder forgets it's glass and tries to stand up under it and bangs his head.  One day he'll learn.

The next morning we snuggled in bed and watched his new show, Super Why.  Sid is soooo last season.  On Super Why they count to ten and Ryder now knows when to say Five, Nine and Ten (Nen).  The look you see below was this for 30 minutes straight.  He did not acknowledge me or anyone else until this show was over.  Mesmerized.
Do you see how he is scratching his toe?  When he watches TV or is sitting still (rare), he scratches his hands and feet the entire time.  It's so sad.  It's either become a habit from when his excema was so bad and he was always itching and scratching, or it still does really itch.  It breaks my heart.


When trying to get ready for work each morning, we have quite the time trying to keep Ryder occupied.  He wants to be held the entire time, so when we find something that captures his attention, we usually give in.  Except this time, JM wasn't aware of this particular situation.  Later he said, "Did you see what Ryder did in my closet" and I said "No, what?!"

When he sees the evidence below, he'll learn that I knew about it all along, sorry John Michael, I was running late for work!

All the shoes you see on the ground were once stacked nicely on these lovely wire racks.  Not anymore.
As Ryder is saying in this picture, "Uhhhh OHHHHH"


So John Michael and I are very guilty of saying we don't have ANYTHING to eat for dinner (when in reality we have an entire pantry and refrigerator full of food, just not anything we are in the mood for).  Last night JM came home a little cranky from a bad day at work, and then around 6 he remembered he forgot to turn off everything at work, which they are required to do.  So I said, well that's okay, we'll swing by there on the way to Wing Stop!  He said, no, we're not going to Wing Stop, we need to eat at home.  So I said okay, I'll just work with what we've got.  I found half a box of pasta shells, half a bottle of alfredo sauce, a can of sweet potatoes, half a bag of pecans, half a bag of marshmallows, a can of green beans, half a bag of swiss cheese, two slices of bread and some butter.  And folks, we had ourselves a meal!  These are all half used food items that I would have more than likely just thrown away.  I encourage all of you to make use of what you've got sometimes, even when you are not in the mood for it, at all.  It's horrible how wasteful we are as Americans.

My vegetarian creation

Closeup of the sweet potato casserole.  JM's half with pecans and my half with marshmallows.


I am so excited, Ryder is getting dedicated at our church on Sunday.  We are proud to publicly state that God is the center of our household, and we will raise Ryder according to His standards.  Can't wait to share pictures of his big day.  And it's also his Nanni's birthday, so it will be even more special!


As confirmed in the title, this is my 100th blog post.  I would list 100 things about myself, my family, our interests, etc., - but I think I've shared ALOT already.  Sometimes probably too much...

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  1. Looks like you have a t.v. watcher on your hands! Collin is the same way, and it can be so nice ;)Ryder is such a cutie. I enjoy the pics of him!