Book Worm and Baby Dedication

Never, EVER, take away a utensil.  Especially while watching TV.  Unless you want to get smacked.  Uh huh, Ryder now slaps at us if, God forbid, we take something from him.

Next morning he was a little sweeter.  He lost the shirt to his matching PJ set, but gained the pants nonetheless.  Love a dad's dressing.  While I went to pamper my face and get some new makeup, JM and Ryder did yard work.  When I got home around noon, Ryder's face was beet red.  Lord knows that child could use some sun...

Friday afternoon Ryder and Swayze had some alone time.  He read to her, it was real sweet.

Then he showed her how to push the buttons to his favorite songs.  And they danced the night away.  Swayze had the nice side to side wiggle, while Ryder is more of the up and down bounce.

Sunday, little angel had baby dedication at church.  And an angel he was NOT.  He knows when it's time to be quiet, and it's his favorite time to show.  If we were a tongue speaking church, Ryder could be the next preacher.  That child was VOCAL during the ceremony.  The expression "sweating like a 'bad person' in church" quite nicely described John Michael and I that day... we were stressing!

Maybe he was just getting us back for the outfit... which popped open every time he bent over.  I tell you the truth, that outfit was more roomy than tight, I think the buttons were just a little weak.

But boy was he cute

I can't seem to get over his leg rolls.

Ryder and Sellers playing
As you can see, we gave up on the snapping.

Ryder and Nanni on her birthday!

Our whole group, Ryder is loved!

Presh gift from Lindsey and Todd

Our family.

Us with Sellers, Tripp and Marlee

Ryder's cake, handmade by his mama!

Being vocal as always.

We left the matching bonnet at home for the day, lucky for him.

Okay, so Ryder should probably join a book club.  He loves books and the first thing he says when he walks in our house is BOOOOK and he immediately walks over to said book, pulls us down, spins around, plops in our laps, and politely forces us to read to him for extremely long periods of time.  Don't get me wrong, I love these special moments, but I feel I have become the librarian in the house.  We go from book to book to book to book to book to book to book to book.  It's actually pretty cute and I secretly think it means he is smart that he loves to read.  He has memorized certain books because when I get ready to turn the page, he will make the noise of what is on the following page before I get there.  His new words are the following:  Apple (ap uhhh), Owl, Bird (burhhh), Please (peeees), Thank You (A-ooooo), Eat, Milk (mmmmmmmm - with pointed finger), Duck, Book, HOT (which is his #1 go-to word).

He's the cutest with the book below, and on this specific page.  While in my lap, he puts his hand on top of my hand and moves my hand all over the page a hundred times in a row while I repeat the name of each animal.

Yeah it's upside down, but he loves to feel all the different patterns on this book.

I hope Ryder continues to love to read as he grows.  I really love reading (get it from my daddy), and I have read books for a long time.  I can remember being in first grade and having really advanced books, it's just something I've always enjoyed, and I think it's a great habit.


What I'm obsessed with this week:  SKINCARE

Omg.  Literally looked in the mirror this morning and realized I've got some freaking lines.  Why hasn't anyone told me?  Two permanent lines on my forehead.  You know how you get used to seeing yourself and you don't notice the things you need to change?  Well thank goodness I figured it out for myself this morning.  I immediately called the girl I went to her Mary Kay party and ordered a nice load of products.  I can't be having this.  After sharing my concern with John Michael today during our lunch break, he thought it was cute to "jokingly" continuously call me wrinkle face for the rest of our conversation.  I showed him wrinkle face when I made my skincare purchase this afternoon... BOOM!

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  1. Beautiful family! Ryder looked so precious. I still have a hard time believing he is "vocal." Best baby ever it seems!