Austin - We Will Be Seeing You Again

Austin was so fun.  JM and I bonded again - with it just being the two of us, we didn't have any other distractions.  We laughed and laughed and laughed.  Only got in a couple minor tiffs, but hey, we're dealing with me, right?

Thursday when we landed at about 1 p.m., we checked in and then hit downtown.  All the touristy spots of course.  We stopped at The Dizzy Rooster on 6th Street... or dirty 6th as the locals like to call it...where the Real World Austin was filmed. 

Then we were hungry.  Most places were pretty dead since it was only about 3, so we finally found a place with people and stopped there.  It was called Bikini's.  I honestly didn't even look at the name, until I went inside and saw the dress code of the waitresses.  So yeah.  Now I know why it was the only place that was busy.  Here is our waitress behind JM. 

Then we just trotted around town until about 5:00, went back to the room, got dressed and ready for dinner at Eddie V's.  Faaabuloso.  Super nice place on East 5th Street... close enough away from dirty 6th.  Our waiter was Luigi, you must ask for him if you ever go.

Next day we got up and walked to brunch at the Blue Dahlia Bistro.  When he guy at the hotel suggested it, I kept thinking he was saying the Blue Deli Bistro, but that he was pronouncing it "Dahli", because that is how they all talk).  It was good as well.   

Afterwards we went to South Congress Street to shoppity shop.  I was on the hunt for some shades since there were no clouds to be seen and it was inching toward 95.  Boo splurged and got me some ray bans, whooo!  Lord knows I needed something, I was afraid I was going need Botox after all the squinting I did that day, it was the brightest sun I've seen in a while.  The only other clothing purchases we made were at a thrift store.  I got a pair of jeans, JM got a shirt and a cool jacket.  Yep, we are thrifty. 

Next up:  Lunch at Doc's.  It's an old oil change garage type place but turned into a really cool restaurant.

Our plans were to get to ACL by 2.  Future reference, it takes at least an hour just to get through the line and checked in.  I have honestly never been surrounded by that many people in my entire life.  I think they said there were about 200,000 people at the festival.  We finally got in and got to see the band before their show.  And they remembered us... is that a good thing or bad thing?

Then we caught Band of Heathens (great) and Bingham.  Overall, ACL was a cool place to be for sure, but so crowded, it kind of stressed us out. 

These letters were made of quilt material.  Neato.

Do you love the rocks behind?  Pretty view.

Afterwards, we caught a pedicab (an experience) back to our place to get ready for Bingham's aftershow at MoMo's.  We were very lucky to get tickets because it was a very small venue.  We had such a great time.  It was funny, we saw a few of the same people that we've seen at many of his shows all around.

Not going to lie, everybody wanted my homemade shirt.  I had girls asking me where I got it.  Letters at Hobby Lobby and and shirt at Target ladies!

The end to a great night.

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