It's Just Me, Myself & Ry

It's just the two of us this weekend.  John Michael is on his 6th Annual canoe trip to the Buffalo River in Arkansas.  Roughly 20 guys go each year, and they always come back with a better story than the year before.  While gathering his last few items for the trip, John Michael realized he nearly forgot his most prized possession, an extreme necessity for campers who are roughing it for the weekend with no running water, no microwave or stove, no comfy bed, and most importantly, no toilet.

I don't research things before I get them.  But when it came time to buy a new car seat, everyone's suggestion was to research.  That overwhelms me.  So, I went to Babies R Us, Ryder in tow (this is a big deal for me as I have never taken him shopping alone).  I saw a set of parents with a little boy who looked a few months older than Ryder near the car seat aisle and asked them what they suggested.  She started spouting out all kind of reviews and safety ratings and she said she would suggest the seat below (Graco - My Ride 65), so I went with it.  I had to order it and it hasn't come in yet, but I sure hope it's a good'en.
I made a pit stop at Vicky's (Victoria's Secret) to get my "free panty" after Babies R Us and Ryder was just an angel, but he didn't want to stay in the stroller.  I just plopped him on the floor and threw a couple pair of undies down and that kept him entertained for a good ten.  The lady helping me told him he looked like a little boy but had the eyes of a little girl.  Thanks?


On Saturday, we went to the Perrett's to celebrate Payton's 30th.  I must say Ryder was quite the ladies man.  Meet these precious triplets: Allie, Reese and Juliet Westmoreland. 

Ryder and Preston.  I don't know how I missed getting a picture of Pace.

First time in the pool.  He's got some serious MB's (man boobs) on him.

Lovin' the water.

This is just wrong on all accounts.  Sadly, Ryder has the look of "Dad, I LOVE this shirt!"

 Hanging out with my man before work.

Date Night!!!
I've been told by several people that separation anxiety is soon to come.  It's here, and I'm the one who has it, not Ryder.  It makes me sick to leave him now.  I looked up one day and realized my baby was almost one, and I feel like I've missed out on so much.  This is a horrible feeling and I promised myself (and told JM) that next go round, this isn't happening.  No exceptions.  I'll do whatever it takes.  Yes, I'm going to work, because I like to work, but I want to work part-time.  And I don't want to talk about this anymore, so I'm moving on.

I forgot to mention this, but Ryder is crawling fast as lightening!  He can go anywhere he wants now.  He's also pulling up on stuff and he's even growing a little more hair too.  He still has the skank-do, you know, the one where the hair is really flat and straight forward on top with no side part?  I try to whisk it over to the side but it just won't stay.  It's so straight forward that I can't even tell which way it would part if we tried. (please hold while I look for proof). 
Found a nice close up.  I'll keep my eyes peeled for some baby product, will you do the same?




  • been stung by a bee or wasp... or jellyfish while I'm at it.

  • had a cavity (I'm quite proud of this).

  • had a nose bleed.

  • had my eyebrows waxed.

  • tasted shrimp, crab meat, lobster, or anything else in the family.

  • had brown hair.

  • pet a dog until I got Peanut at age 24.

  • gotten out of a speeding ticket (4).

  • owned a pair of Samba's (I mean who didn't have a pair in the late 90's?)

  • had my wisdom teeth out.

  • seen some of the most popular movies of all time:  Top Gun, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, OR... hold the phone - TWILIGHT...gasp.
2.  I've sang/sung a solo before.  Let me explain.  In 7th grade everyone was in choir.  It was the thing to do.  It was probably our largest class of the day and toward the end of the year we had to try out for 8th grade choir.  You didn't have to sing well to be in choir, but you still had to try out.  When I say try out, I mean we had to sing a solo in front of the class.  {I'm laughing tears thinking about this right now}.  We literally had to stand at the piano, about five people at a time, and each person had to sing along ONE AT A TIME to whatever song our teacher was playing.  For someone whose stomach knotted up the first couple weeks of school from even having to say "HERE" when the class roll was called, this was excrutiating.  Needless to say, I made the cut.  Some how.  Some way.  Please take a moment and picture yourself at this point in your life standing up in front of a crowd and singing a solo (you non-performers, that is).  Can you imagine?  The things you do to be "cool" in junior high.


  1. I love Ryder in that toilet seat, and he's such a model in that shirt open pic! Thanks for reminding me about the Al thing... There was so much craziness, who could keep up? Thanks for reading my blog. It's my new favorite obsession!

  2. I am trying to figure out which one is more shocking... having NEVER eaten shrimp (Say what?) or that you had never pet a dog until you were 24 years old (say what say what?) :)
    Girl.. we going to Sal & Phils one day and getting you some shrimps! ha
    Or how about a shrimp feast and movie night.. with Top Gun! If for no other reason you should watch it for the scene where the hot guys are playing volley ball without their shirts... I mean come on girl!
    - connie