Happy Birthday Aunt K

Today is the 23rd birthday of my sister.  A wonderful aunt to Ryder, a wonderful daughter to our parents and a best friend to me.  I have to admit I gave Kayla a hard time growing up.  I was just plain mean to her.  I pulled more hairs out of her head than I could count.  I made her be my slave.  And worse, I made fun of her!  She knows I feel bad about that now, but my goodness I was a mean big sis.  When I was little I remember thinking Kayla was the prettiest little girl.  I would always tell my mom I thought she was so much prettier than me, and that wasn't fair.  I remember she had a few curls at the end of her hair and I was so sad when it was time to get it cut, because the curls would be gone.  I remember when she didn't make cheerleading for 7th grade I cried because I didn't want her to get a low self-esteem (it's way too big of a deal in jr. high).  Kayla has a few quirky things about her, and she's been this way her whole life:
  • She won't fold towels because she says they tickle her fingers
  • When it was time for my mom to wake her up for school, she wouldn't get out of the bed until someone made a trail of pillows for her to walk out of her room on because she didn't like how the carpet felt on her feet
  • She won't drink anything brown (coke, dr. pepper, root beer)
  • She can't swallow pills.  If she has a headache and needs tylenol, she has to break it up and put it in ice cream.
  • She has a calendar and writes down every single thing she does every single day.  She's done this for years and years. 
  • She doesn't ask questions and she doesn't notice things about people.  If she wasn't my sister and our parents didn't tell her my name, she wouldn't know it.  She doesn't ask ANYTHING!!!  She knows this drives me crazy because I'm question queen and I tell her all time I don't understand how she doesn't want to know stuff.  Just one of many examples.  Someone was bringing her to meet me and I asked, "what does she drive so I'll know what car to look for" she said "I don't know."  She was with this girl all weekend, driving all over the place in this girl's car, and she never even noticed what kind it was.  If I'm lucky, she'll remember the color.  I have to share another example because this is just too coo coo.  I'm telling you she had been friends with this girl for an entire school year at State.  One day I met this girl and later I asked Kayla what her major was.  Kayla didn't know!!!!  Then I said, "well where is she from."  "I don't know Brittany, why do you ask so many questions?" 
Nevertheless, I love my lil sis with all my heart and I truly don't know where I would be without her in my life.  Hope you have a fabulous day, KK!

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