Rice Cereal, Jumperoo, 9 Month Clothing?

I think Ryder has hit a big ole growth spurt over night. What in the world do they put in that rice cereal?! We started giving him cereal about two weeks ago and I don't know if it's just in my head, but he looks huge! Yesterday morning I had to go into work early so I pulled out the clothes JM needed to change Ryder into before taking him to Connie's. He called me later in the day and asked why I pulled out shorts for Ryder during the winter time. I said no, those are pants... he just wore the outfit last week. When I picked Ryder up from Connie's I saw it... the poor baby was some kind of flooding. The bottom of the pants literally ended at his knee caps. What is this? I guess it's time to do some more cleaning out in the closet. I have been holding off on a whole stack of clothes that are 6-9 months for the obvious reason that he is 4 1/2 months old. Just out of boredom, I put Ryder in a 9 month outfit, fit like a charm! Don't they come to a point sometime in the first year where they kind of stay at one certain size for a while? I'm ready for that, he's growing way too fast.
On Sunday we rushed out to Babies-R-Us to buy him a Jumperoo. We were so excited we could barely wait to get home and put him in it. JM put it together in just a few minutes and it was finally time to try it out. I don't know what we were expecting, but it wasn't what we got. I think we thought he was going to be jumping like bonkers all over the place and laughing up a storm. No. He just kind of sat there and stared at us. However, he has warmed up to it over the past few days and has bent his knees a few times to make it bounce.

The infamous jumperoo

Before heading out for Saturday morning breakfast at Nawlin's Grill

Getting his daddy love

lovin on mommy

CC feeding Ryder his rice cereal

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