Who Said I Can't Track?

Okay... confession, John Michael and I are a little overbearing when it comes to the so called "milestones." We (yes I said WE) read all kind of stuff about what Ryder should be doing at this point, etc, etc. Well at his 8 week appointment Dr. Penny noticed he wasn't tracking very well with his eyes. We had already noticed that and been concerned because of all the books we'd read. Well at the appointment she said he was thriving and there was more than likely nothing to worry about. Next thing I know, she is calling at about 12 weeks and says she is just wanting to follow up on our appointment and wanted to know if he was tracking any better. P.S. we LOVE her... side note! We said that we had noticed it was a little better, but not 10o%. Well we set the appointment for a week later (which was this past Thursday, December 10.) He had made a huge change and was looking all over the place, following objects and lights. We felt all along that things were fine, but since the opportunity was offered, we could not turn it down. Dr. Penny said he is following perfectly. NOW...let me tell you why I love John Michael. I didn't even discuss this with him because secretly I want him to think this is just how it's supposed to be, but any time there is anything to do with Ryder, he automatically assumes he will be in attendance. When I made the appointment, I told him about it and he was like okay, I'll mark it on my calendar. I know to alot of you this may not be a big deal, but the few times we've been to the ped dr., I've noticed it's always just the mom. Well, not us, we're going to bring the clan. It was not even a question if JM would be there, it's just an obvious. I have never asked him to come along, he just assumes he'll be there, and I LOVE it! He is such a dedicated dad. I've never seen anything like it. And best of all, he's had morning shift since Ryder's birth. It has been so helpful. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE waking up early. So, since Ryder is sleeping until 5 - 6 am, JM has gotten up with him and takes him to Connie's (babysitter - great by the way!) He'll feed him and go back to sleep until I wake up at about 7 ( don't have to be at work until 8:30 and I work 5 minutes from my house). Fact about myself, I am an over-analyzer (sp?). I worried the entire time I was on maternity leave how in the world things would work going back to the career world. How would I pump enough for him to have...(are you kidding me? We literlly have 25 bags of frozen milk in the deep freeze). When I say I over-analyze, I OVER ANALYZE!!!!!!!!!! I do think that this year I've done alot better. Ever since giving childbirth, I've calmed down alot for whatever reason. I was so OCD before, but now I just kind of go with the flow.

Psssstttt.... another fact about myself that I've learned since giving birth: I was so adamant about not going back to work. What was I thinking? Going back to work has truly been wonderful for me. I love my baby more than anything, but having a break is nice, and any mother that says otherwise is fibbing... a nice word for LYING! That could very well be because I love my job though. Either way, I love being a working mom (however part time would be REALLY nice, and I'm working on that). Ta-ta for now!! =)

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