It's only 3 days until Christmas and John Michael and I don't have a single gift for eachother. Someone gave JM this idea the other day, and I think we're going to do it. This guy and his wife can never decide what they want from their spouse, so this year they are setting a limit and going out to buy themselves gifts. They will wrap the gifts and open them Christmas morning and neither one knows what the other got... make sense? I think we'll try it this year. On another note, when people ask what we're getting eachother and I tell them we haven't gotten anything yet, they always say, "oh it's okay, I know you're too busy spoiling Ryder with gifts." Well, not quite. Are we bad parents? He's just got so much right now and there is nothing we can buy him that he doesn't already have. So, we have decided to give him the gift of college! That's right, we started him a college fund so that when he gets to that point, hopefully he won't have to worry about taking out loans and this will encourage him to be something really really great and then he'll be able to let us retire young and it'll all work out for everyone =). Just kidding, but really, we decided this would be the best gift from us to him. We know that grandparents will get him the things we would like to buy such as clothes, books, etc., so we'll let them do that and we'll do this. I think it's a great idea!
Ryder is 3 months & 2 weeks today. Last night I layed him in the crib the same way as always and when I woke up this morning and looked on the moniter, he was faced the complete opposite direction. The funny thing is he is all swaddled up so that little worm wiggled all the way around with just his booty I guess?

Ryder & Papa

sweet sweet boy

Ryder & Grandaddy

Tons of little cousins on the Wilson side

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