Frozen Donut

Gramps needs his readers these days.

Well I can't remember Ryder's pow wow Indian name.  But he was real cute performing!

He's proudly showing Nanni and CC his thanksgiving art.

 He was so proud of his biggest fans coming to watch!

Walked around the house to find that Rhodes had hiked himself into this position.  Stuck.

Happy Birthday to Levi and Noah! Great party at Chickfila!

Rhodes and his cake in a stare-off.

Promise they were having more fun than they look!

Sweet Charlotte had her birthday party the next day at the Children's Museum.

Rhodes and Porter seem to be having issues with their food.

Ryder and Swayze, always the entertainers.

What a great surprise that Shelly was in town from Seattle!

Then we had Thanksgiving at dad and Becky's!

And Ryder's gotten big...

I enjoyed my sister being off for Thanksgiving holiday so much!  We got to spend alot of time together.

Rhodes isn't expecting.

Hoodie weather!

Sweetest big boy I know.

Rhodes has a major hang up with group photos.  For real.


 Ryder went on his first hunt!

John Michael brought the ipad and earphones just in case but he said Ryder wanted to "hunt" the whole entire time!

Meanwhile, Kayla and I went Black Friday shopping (on Thursday at 6 pm - what's the world come to???) Anyway, we shopped until 6:30 a.m.  I got home at 7 and by some miracle everyone was still asleep.  Rhodes was in bed with John Michael so I snuck in the bed with Ryder.  The next thing I knew I woke up and it was 11 a.m.!  Whaaaaat! And to top it off, as soon as I was getting up, JM and the boys were headed out the door to the hardware store so I got about another hour of time to collect my brain.  I was all out of whack from that 12 hour shift!

That night sister in laws came in town to celebrate Thanksgiving, but that night we just hung out and had a little birthday party for Anna Love.

Kayla was battling with a little heartburn so John Michael shared his Pepto.

While the guys hung out outside and the kiddos were holding their own upstairs, we got a little time to ourselves to relax and catch up!  And then sometime around 10 CC and Poppy took all the kids (except Rhodes and Tatum - 9 weeks) to stay at their house!  They had so much fun and all 5 of them slept on a pallet at the foot of CC and Poppy's bed.

Thanksgiving at CC and Poppy's.
Rhodes, Tucker and Ryder playing who knows what game.

Rhodes and Anna Love

The four big boys.

Not being very brotherly.

Mama Cain with all of her great grands.

Sandwiched between two of the best ladies in the land!

Egg Bowl day!

Ryder's portrait of himself as an elf...

Homeboy LOVES Christmas time.

While we were cackling over our ginormous Christmas tree, Rhodes conked out right in the middle of the action.  Things have since been maneuvered a bit in there by the way.

Ryder's all about a Christmas countdown.  And my printer was running low on ink so it looked more like a baby countdown.  That's alright.

Two tiny tooshies.

Some birthday tunes for the best dad on the planet!

Ryder took his role as lead singer seriously.

Ryder did not like what we had for dinner that night.  He wanted to barf at the sight of potatoes.  Potatoes for goodness sake!!!  John Michael made him eat them.

He's ready for the catch... just in case.

John Michael had to leave to do something at church and Rhodes couldn't wait to blow candles out any longer.

 He finally made it home and we got to enjoy more sweet singing and cake!

Afterwards, the boys watched a couple shows while JM and I sat on the bed and talked interrupted for almost an hour.  Never happens.

We had a volunteer reception at church and our kids were running around like wild animals.  Rhodes was obsessing over his empty cup he picked up off the table and kept repeating over and over that he wanted dat giant donut.  I just didn't understand until I went to the punch table.  I laughed soooo hard.

No surprise to me, Ryder was getting down with the karaoke.

All I want to do is get these boys in the tub and all they want to do is march around in every pair of shoes in John Michael's closet.

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