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Second children are supposed to be rotten.  Right? Well, ours is.  He only drinks milk from the nap nanny.  But when you don't have a nap nanny outside, you rig one up with a beach chair.

Ryder doesn't share his watermelon.  This took a lot.... 

JM and I took a walk down memory lane and watched our wedding DVD.

Ryder went to his first birthday party at Pump It Up.

I treated myself to a pedicure.

Ryder wanted to watch you tube videos on volcanos and lava.  And seahorses.

I made three freezer meals.

I pulled Ryder's bangs up in a pony tail and he looked frighteningly similar to the little girl on Honey Boo Boo.

We visited daddy at the bank.  Rhodes wanted to play with the ball.

And Ryder learned to type his name on the computer.

We had tons of delicious dinner left over from an open house John Michael did for work, so we had a last minute group of friends over for dinner.  These are the bigs.  There were 4 littles crawling around somewhere.

So glad Target has these.  Now I can spend more time in there!

Meredith was in town from Nashville and wanted to meet all the babes.  So we had a little brunch and coffee fellowship.  Thanks to Ryder for the awesome photo.

Rhodes, Charlotte and Porter

Rhodes and Noah

Meredith and Noah

Meredith, Noah, Charlotte and Mandy

Devin and Porter

We had to bump Ryder up to the booster seat so Rhodes could have his carseat.

Returning library books in the book drop.

The other night we asked Ryder what time it was.  He said he couldn't see the clock that far and that the numbers were blurry.  (Keep in mind we asked because it was time for bed, so we just wanted to make him aware that bedtime was soon).  After a couple times of this happening over a few days, I made him an eye doctor appointment.  The child has 20/20 vision.  He was obviously just trying to avoid bedtime.

When we were in the waiting room he walked up to the front desk and said to the receptionist, "Can I ask ya somethin?  I can't see the clock because my eyes are little."

"Fooled ya mom!"

Ryder wanted to make out his birthday list :)

Where's Ryder?

Ryder comes up with some weird ideas.  He went around the house and wanted to find pairs of things.  Here's his final collection - two of each: golf balls, lincoln logs, toy phones, books and cups.

Ryder went to stay the weekend in Vaughan.  He packed his bags as soon as he woke up Friday morning and I took this picture around 8:30 a.m.  He was leaving at noon.

John Michael and I had more conversation this weekend than we have had in a loooooong time.  Rhodes isn't much of a talker so we didn't even get interrupted once.  It was marvelous!  Plus, he goes to sleep at 7:30 so JM and I had our own date night right here at home two nights in a row!

So we did stuff like clean our outdoor chairs.

And listen to music and eat dinner on the back porch at 9:30.  In peace.

Saturday morning I put Rhodes down for a nap and spent two hours cleaning while drinking coffee and listening to Chris Tomlin radio on Pandora.

Then the three of us went to a way past due lunch at Keifer's.

When I took this picture I didn't realize at the time he was make this face because he was gagging on his goldfish and cheerio combo.  Oops.

Later on that day the Ketchum crew came to visit.  Little mama Reese was the best helper!

Sunday afternoon I had a JA tea at my house.

And finally once the tea was over I was reunited with my big boy, ohhhhhh how I missed him!  He's been so sweet since he got home.  I've gotten a million kisses and hugs.  I love my little boys.  Oh, and Rhodes took a few steps this weekend.  Go Rhodes!

Summer is wrapping up and Ryder starts K3 this week.  And then Rhodes starts Mother's Day Out in two weeks.  Here's to trying to a new routine!  Bring it on!

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