When you get big...

Rhodes could stare at Ryder all day, he adores him!  And Ryder is already such a teacher.  He talks to Rhodes while he does things and tells him what he's doing.  And then he always ends by saying, "When you get big, you can do it too!"

Ryder has started TOTs at his school.  Since I can watch him while he's at school from my computer I tuned in to catch some of his TOT class, I was grinning the whole time watching him.  I never thought I would get such a thrill out of watching him bounce a basketball.  But I just know his mannerisms so well and it was just precious watching how serious he was and I could tell he was listening so hard to his teacher and following her directions to a T.  

Sweetest 3 month old I know

Practice, practice, practice

My mom came over the other night and Ryder was digging through her purse looking for something he could play with.  She pulled out this newspaper.  You'd have thought she pulled out a $100 bill.  He couldn't put it down and he kept "reading" the newspaper to us.

Every night before bed Ryder picks a book.  I guess you can imagine what he picked to read that night.  Yes... his newspaper.  He requested to sleep with it as well.

Rhodes turned 3 months old on October 19, 2012

Rhodes' Facts:

  • Sleeps through the night 8pm-7am on average.
  • Still on breast milk (except the rare occasion) and takes 4.5-5oz when he takes a bottle.
  • Eats about every 3 hours during the day, usually 7:30 am, 10:30 am, 1:30 pm, 4:30 pm, and then 7:30 pm for the last time.
  • Still doesn't have a firm nap schedule during the day, still cat naps a lot.
  • Tummy time is improving, but he's still not a fan of laying on the stomach.
  • Has not rolled over yet.
  • When I went in to get him this morning he had completely turned a 180, as in his head was where his feet were when I laid him down last night.
  • He's so intrigued by Ryder and laughs and smiles at everything Ryder does.
  • Wearing 3-6 and 6 month pj's and clothes.
  • Takes a paci sometimes, but not as much as he was.
  • Sucks on his hands a lot.
  • I think he was beginning to get excema but I nipped that in the bud with a mixture of aquaphor and hydrocortisone cream.
  • Such a cinch at bedtime.  I usually just bathe him, put on his lotion and creams, hold him for a few minutes and then lay him in his crib.  He rarely cries out, just usually falls right to sleep.

Saturday morning, Ryder went to a fall festival with my dad and Becky.  John Michael went to work for a bit, so it was just me and Rhodes, and he was napping most of the time.  I think it was the first time I've had "me" time since before Rhodes was born.  I just sat there on the couch in my pj's with my cup of coffee and reading God's Word without having to rush.  It was so relaxing!

My dad sent me pictures while they were at the festival

He's never scared to make a friend.

Pumpkin picking

Rhodes didn't know what to do with all this 1-on-1 time while Ryder was gone.

Saturday night Nanni and Granddaddy came over to hang out and go to dinner for grandaddy's birthday, I hate we didn't get any pictures :(

When JM gets home from work, he walks in the door and always asks Ryder if he wants to walk with him to check the mail.  Ryder is hit and miss with that.  But tonight he wanted to go.  He came running back in with his "note" from Nanni and Grandaddy (a halloween card) and it had a dollar in it.  He was so proud and ran straight to his piggy bank.  Made the banker proud.

Church Sunday.

Love an outdoor dinner so Majestic Burger was a good choice Sunday night.

Then the best thing happened after dinner.  I've never been so excited to change a poopy diaper in a parking lot in the back seat of our car.  Rhodes was going on 6 days without a poopy, and as soon as we walked out of the restaurant - it hit.  And it hit big.  Through the diaper, up the back, around the front, covering the clothes and all into the carseat big.  Thank gosh, because we were on our way to Walgreens to get a glycerin suppository.  I was not looking forward to giving that to him, so I was quite glad he took care of that for me.

Isn't it funny the things that make parents so happy?  Bouncing a basketball and pooping in a diaper.  Life of a parent - wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

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